Beyonce Refuses to Meet Half-Brother from Affair

Beyonce Refuses to Meet Half-Brother from Affair

While her relationship with hip hop mogul Jay Z seems to be bling and bliss, and being a mom to baby Blue Ivy has turned her into a beautiful maternal figure that seems happier than ever, sources say that all is not peachy in Beyonce’s charmed life. The problems this time? Once again, they are stemming from her relationship (or lack thereof) with her father, Matthew Knowles. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Already strained

It is no secret that Bey and her daddy have had a strained relationship for awhile now. Responsible for much of the success of Destiny’s Child when Bey was only 18, Matthew left his job in 1990 to manage the girl group, and helped tremendously with the process of morphing his little girl into a household name and pop diva. In 2011, Beyonce ended her working relationship with her father, claiming that they were having difference of opinions, but assuring everyone that there personal relationship was as strong as ever.

The affair

Around that time, rumors started to swirl that Bey’s dad was having an affair with another woman. Michael Knowles and Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mother) filed for divorce soon after that. It is only speculation that the affair and divorce were pieces of the puzzle that lead to Beyonce parting ways with her father. It has been reported by the media numerous times since then that Beyonce and her father ceased communicating after that incident, and that they were no longer on speaking terms.

The plot thickens

Well, the affair with the other woman (Alexsandra Wright) went on for almost two years, until Matthew Knowles simply decided he couldn’t do it anymore. However, there was damage that was already done. Alexsandra Wright was four months pregnant with Matthew Knowles baby. Yes, that’s right. Alexsandra gave birth to a son, Nixon Knowles, a little over three years ago.

Beyonce has a half brother, and baby Blue Ivy has a three year old uncle. According to sources close to the situation, Beyonce is still peeved at her dad, unhappy about the affair, and refuses to even consider meeting her half brother.

No support

Nixon’s mom, Alexsandra, claims that Matthew Knowles has tried to get out of paying child support for Nixon. He was ordered by a court to pay back child support to Alexsandra, and after a paternity test proved that he was in fact Nixon’s father, sources say that he has been taking care of Nixon. While Nixon might be a painful reminder for Bey of her father’s affair, she talked at length with Oprah after filming her HBO documentary “Life Is but a Dream”, and told O how she wishes to heal their father/daughter relationship. So, maybe there is hope for Bey to meet her baby brother after all.

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