Best Age to Get Pregnant

Best Age to Get Pregnant

What is the best age to get pregnant? This question is asked all the time by women all over the world, from different walks of life and backgrounds. Every woman wants to know what that perfect age is to start a family. However, the answer unfortunately is just not that easy.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It would be great if there were a magic number for all women to use as a guideline and to go by, but that is not the case. Each woman has to examine her own personal case carefully and decide on what is the best age for her to try to start a family in her own particular case. So what is the best age to get pregnant?

Mid-20’s = Pros

If we are talking merely in physical terms, the body is at its prime age for getting pregnant while you are in your early to mid twenties. Your body is at its most fertile during these years, and it should be relatively easy to get pregnant during this time.

You are also less likely to have any complications the younger you are when you give birth, and you are at less of a risk for pregnancy related problems such as gestational diabetes or gestational hypertension.

Your labor will likely be less complicated and can even be quicker while you are in your twenties. Aside from the physical aspects, getting pregnant in your twenties also leaves you parenting while you are still young, and you usually have more energy than when you are older. You might not have a career to worry about either.

Mid-20’s = Cons

However, not everyone is ready to settle down and get pregnant while they are in their twenties. Some people are busy with college and various career paths, and not everyone meets their partner that early in life. Also, while you are in your twenties, sometimes you are not as economically or financially stable as you would be later in life, so it can be harder to raise a baby.

Early 30’s

In your thirties, your fertility levels are already beginning to decline, however you are still pretty fertile and should have a good number of viable eggs remaining. This makes the early thirties a prime time to get pregnant as well. Women in their early thirties are often more stable and secure in their lives than women who are in their early twenties and they might be better prepared for all of the responsibilities having a baby involves. However there is an increased risk of birth defects, low birth weight, and pregnancy complications, the older you get.

Late 30’s

Having a baby after 35 increases the chance of complications dramatically, and a woman’s fertility begins to dramatically decrease around that time as well. However, women who are in their thirties are often a bit more experienced and ready to have a baby than you might be in your early twenties. As you can see, the “right” age to get pregnant is different for every woman, and it can be a difficult choice to make.

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