Baby Mama Drama With Blac Chyna

Baby Mama Drama Blac Chyna Warns Ex-Fiancee Tyga to Keep His New Woman Away from Their Toddler: Not So Peaceful Split

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Blac Chyna and Tyga have been at odds since splitting up earlier this year. However, things are now taking a nasty turn. Blac Chyna is reportedly speaking out against Tyga about his wild actions since their split. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The video vixen claims that the Young Money rapper is bringing all kinds of women around and having wild parties while their one year old son is in the home. Reports are that Tyga has begun throwing wild and crazy pool parties with lots of “skanky women” while their one year old son, King Cairo, looked on. Chyna is not having any of that, and she has reportedly made her feelings very well known.

TMZ reports that Chyna reportedly “went off” on the rapper when she found out that he was still bringing groupies and random girls to the house with her son around.

Tyga Fires Back

However, for his own part, Tyga claims that Chyna has broken off her part of the deal too. Apparently, the couple had an agreement not to expose their son to any boyfriends or girlfriends, at least at first. There was some concern that if another person came into Cairo’s life and then vanished, that he would be traumatized.

However, Tyga says that Chyna has been bringing her new men around her son for quite some time. The couple have even threatened to take each other to child custody court. We hope that it doesn’t come to that, and that these two are able to work out their issues peacefully without getting a bunch of other people involved. Maybe mediation would be a good idea for this ex couple.

Unfinished Business

No matter what the agreement the couple had previously, it is clear that it is not working out at this point. Chyna has even been firing back on Twitter to accusations that she was unfaithful during their relationship and engagement. “I never cheated”, she announced via Twitter.

She later followed up that with “Be loyal to a f****n nigga. Never again.” It looks like no matter how you slice it, these two have a lot of unfinished business and more to deal with in the future. We hope that they are able to work out their issues and move forward for the sake of their son. He definitely deserves a family full of happiness and peace.

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