Shock: Baby Born from Embryo Frozen for 20 Years!

Shock: Baby Born from Embryo Frozen for 20 Years!

Have You Heard?

Many of you may have heard this story before, but it bears repeating! Have you heard about the American mom who gave birth to a baby from an embryo that had been frozen for TWENTY years!? This is a huge deal! The baby’s birth mother is a 42 year old woman who had been undergoing fertility treatments for TEN years before becoming pregnant! This could have huge consequences for women trying to get pregnant at 45 or after.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

How It Happened

The mother received the donated embryo from a couple who went through IVF twenty years ago. Back in 1990, the couple had five embryos cryo-preserved. The couple went on to have only one child. After deciding their family was complete, the couple decided they wanted to have their extra embryos donated to people who would truly benefit from them. Of the four embryos that were left from the original couple, only two survived and were implanted into the birth mother. Of those two embryos, only this one survived.

A Persistent Lady

While the baby was born back in 2010, this marks the longest time that an embryo has been frozen and has developed into a healthy baby. The only other instance that even comes close was an embryo that was frozen for thirteen years. What makes this case so different? No one really knows, but it is a great thing that this birth mother didn’t ever give up! The woman’s fertility doctor describes her as a very determined patient, who made it her life’s goal to have a baby:

“She has been going through treatment for a long time… She was a patient here in 2000. She was a persistent lady.”

What It Means

This is so groundbreaking for the world of embryo cryo-preservation. It means that embryos can theoretically be frozen and used for an indefinite amount of time. The only real issues are the moral ones. Is it okay for a younger generation to use the embryos of an older generation? Where do we draw the line? Do we draw that line?

Last year, a mother froze some of her eggs to be used later in life by her then seven year old daughter, who was infertile because of a medical condition. This means that the girl would be essentially giving birth to her biological half brother or sister. Is this okay? Does it cross a line? The results remain to be seen!

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