Australians to Import Donor Eggs from United States

Australians to Import Donor Eggs from United States

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A Revolutionary Deal

Americans are always exporting something, but the newest thing they’ll be sending overseas is definitely a new one. A new deal between Australia and the United States will enable Australian women to buy and import donor eggs from American women for the low price of $19,000. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The deal is the first of it’s kind, giving Australian women access to donor eggs which weren’t previously available. The Monash IVF clinic and the USA based World Egg Bank have both signed on for this revolutionary one of a kind deal.

The Reasons

There are many different reasons for the USA and Australia to team up to provide Aussie women with donor eggs. There has long been a shortage of donor eggs in Australia and women there have not always been able to seek the fertility treatments that they desire. Australian fertility clinics had for a long time been at a loss on how to help women find donor eggs with this shortage of women willing to donate.

Instead, women wishing to use donor eggs would have to obtain them themselves through friends and family, or travel overseas themselves to obtain them. This partnership will be great all the way around, and will save women time, money, and stress in order to help them get pregnant.

The Details

The agreement between Monash and The World Egg Bank ensures that women will know that the donor eggs they are using were obtained safely and legally. Before this agreement, many women were using donor eggs donated by anonymous sources in such faraway countries as Thailand, Spain, Greece and South Africa, and there wasn’t much information about how the eggs were obtained.

Now, with the new agreement, donors cannot be paid for their eggs but can be compensated between $3500 and $5000 for their costs and the estimated 20 hours it takes over 3-5 months to donate. Also, donors must provide personal info in the case that the donor conceived child wishes to contact the donor when they reach 18 years of age. As for the cost, it is a little steep, but those with Medicaid think that it will be affordable.

Australians wanting to access donor eggs from the US would have to pay about $19,000 to cover the costs of the donation and shipping before paying the usual costs associated with IVF cycles, which costs about $3500 after Medicare rebates. It should also be noted that should the USA change the laws regarding donor conceived children contacting donors later in life, Australians using American donor eggs will also have to abide by those rules.

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