Australians Importing Donor Eggs from United States

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For example, even if a woman is not able to produce healthy eggs on her own, she can rely on in-vitro fertilization and donor eggs to help her conceive. Now, women in Australia are turning towards imported donor eggs from the United States to conceive.

Why is this a Trend?

One of the main reasons that women are turning to imported donor eggs is that there is a huge shortage of eggs available in Australia for them to choose from. Doctors are struggling to convince the women of Australia to donate their eggs in order to help other women conceive. In addition to this, the country is also having a huge number of women who are struggling to conceive because of recurrent miscarriage and other issues that cause the need for in-vitro fertilization.

Importing from the US

Women in Australia weren’t always able to import donor eggs from the United States. However, now an agreement has been made between a particular clinic in Australia and The World Egg Bank. This agreement allows women in Australia to import eggs from the United States in an attempt to get pregnant. The clinic does this by searching the World Egg Bank’s database for egg donations that will fit will with their clients.

How Did Women Get Pregnant Before?

Getting pregnant in Australia via in-vitro fertilization was a challenge. Some couples would actually have to hire an egg donor by posting ads for one in the paper. Others would travel to other countries to find donor eggs for their procedure.

Along with these challenges, women in Australia also had to deal with the specific rules related to egg donors. For example, donors were required to reveal their identity and the children were allowed to contact them once they turned eighteen. In addition to this, they could not be compensated for their eggs, and they were only allowed to donate a certain number of times.

These rules definitely made it challenging for couples in the past who were trying to conceive through in-vitro fertilization. But, with this new agreement, women are able to get the eggs they need without being required to spend so much time, money and effort on the process.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
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