Atco Couple Documents Infertility in Photo Essay

Atco Couple Documents Infertility in Photo Essay

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Documenting the struggle

Struggling with infertility is rough. There are so many ups and downs, it can be like being on a roller coaster. It can be hard to deal with for many couples, because it’s tough to put a name to those feelings and to deal with those emotions. However, one Atco couple put their fertility journey into a story of sorts- by documenting it as a photo essay. The results were beautiful. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Reaching out

Jay and Sandra Cassario have tried for six years to have a baby, and it wasn’t until six months ago that they decided to document their story in pictures. And just last week, they went public with their photo journal. Why did they decide to publish their story now, after all this time? Because Jay and Sandra just found out that they are expecting their first baby, conceived naturally.

“It’s almost like it’s just not talked about,” said Jay, a network engineer for Comcast. “I’d like to make it a little more out there, to make women feel comfortable with it.”

Mom to be Sandra says that she is normally a very private person, and wasn’t really sure how she would feel after putting their story out there, but says that she has been getting messages from hundreds, if not thousands of strangers. She says that she is shocked by the reaction from people she has never even met.

More common than ever

The photo journal, titled “Our 6-Year Fertility Journey: The Struggles, Heartache & Triumph,” details the couple’s journey over the long hard road of infertility, to where they are today. It’s an intimate look inside their lives, and details all of the attempts they took to get pregnant, including hormone therapy and IUI. Sandra says that as she began to share her story with her clients (she is a newborn photographer) she found that many other women had been through situations similar to hers.

“A lot of them did go through struggles,” Sandra noted of her clients. “Since we were going through this, too, they opened up to us.It was pretty crazy. I would say seven out of 10 women really went through everything we went through. It was much more common than I thought.”

Connecting with others

It’s so important that people start to speak out about infertility, and that it doesn’t stay a taboo subject anymore like it has been in the past. RESOLVE even launched National Infertility Awareness Week 25 years ago. This year’s campaign is April 20-26.

The campaign is gaining steam every year, and we see more and more people, whether they be “regular” people or celebrities speaking out about infertility and trying to raise awareness. It’s so great when couples do speak out, since it helps others to realize that they are not alone and that other people are going through similar situations.

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