At Home Fertility Tools

At Home Fertility Tools

It wasn’t too long ago that if you thought you had fertility issues, you didn’t really know for sure unless you went to see a fertility doctor. However, technology has really advanced in recent years. Now there are all sorts of at home fertility tools on the market that you can use to in the comfort of your own home. No doctor’s office, no waiting, no embarrassment at all! Read on to find out which at home fertility tool is best for you. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Home ovulation tests

Home ovulation test kits are available at most local drug stores and pharmacies, as well as online. They work much like at home pregnancy tests do, if you are familiar with those. Right before you ovulate, your body releases a surge of LH (luteinizing hormone). Home ovulation test kits work by detecting that hormone surge. Some tests work by dipping the test stick into a urine cup, and some involve placing the test strip midstream in your urine. You can test every day, twice a day, and you will be able to easily see when you ovulate. These tests are usually pretty accurate, and they are easy to use.

Cervical mucus tests

Another kind of at home fertility tests are cervical mucus tests. Cervical mucus test kits work by testing your saliva. As your cervical mucus changes, your saliva also changes. Cervical mucus tests are very easy to use. You take a sample of your saliva, and place it under the slide that comes with the test kit. After your saliva dries you can use the microscope that comes with the test kit to examine your saliva. You are looking for a fern like pattern. When you see that, it lets you know that you are about to ovulate. These tests are also readily available online or at local drugstores.

Ovarian reserve tests

One of the newest types of at home fertility test kits are ovarian reserve tests. Ovarian reserve tests are used to determine what your FSH levels are. Your FSH levels can be a good clue to let you know how many viable eggs you have remaining in your body. Ovarian reserve tests are used much like home pregnancy tests and home ovulation tests. Ovarian reserve tests must be done on the third day of your menstrual period. The results are usually very easy to read. If your FSH level is low or normal, you usually have a good supply of viable eggs left. However, if your FSH levels are elevated, you might have an ovarian reserve problem, and it is a good idea to follow up with a doctor for additional help.

Sperm count test

For the guys, over the counter sperm count tests can be a great choice. Guys are notorious for not wanting to visit the doctor, especially for things like having their sperm count checked! These at home tests can save them a lot of worry and uncomfortable doctor’s visits. They are very simple to use. A sperm sample is mixed with a dye solution that comes with the test kit. Then, after a short waiting period, 15 minutes or so, the color of the semen sample is compared to a control that the kit also provides. If your guy’s sperm sample is darker than the color of the control, his sperm levels are thought to be healthy. These at home sperm count kits are usually pretty affordable, around $30, and can go a long way towards helping your guy avoid feeling uncomfortable at the doctor’s office.

Sperm motility tests

If it is not sperm count, but sperm motility you are interested in testing, there are some great sperm motility tests that just came on the market not too long ago. These tests are pretty expensive, though, since they are new. They are very simple to use. All it involves is seeing how much sperm can pass through the test kit to the other side of the barrier. All you do is place a sperm sample inside the special test kit. There is an activation button that you press and then all you have to do is wait! After an hour, the test will be able to tell you how many sperm have passed through to the other side of the test kit.

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