Ashanti Denies Ever Being Nelly’s Official Girl

Ashanti Denies Ever Being Nelly's Official Girl

No Admissions Here

Not that we believe her, but Ashanti is now denying EVER being in a relationship with Nelly, even though most of us know that the two were together for years! We know that the two have never really came out and said that they were an “official” couple, but come on, we knew! Now it seems that they are not looking to set the record straight at all! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Inspired By Nelly?

While giving an interview talking about her new album, Braveheart, Ashanti admits that there are some very heartfelt songs on the album. But when veteran veejay Sway asked her if her former beau Nelly was the inspiration for any of the songs, she was quick to reply:

“Who said we had a relationship? What you talkin’ about, Willis?

Haha! Nice try girlfriend, but we all already know your secret!

Her Love Future

While the rest of us have a pretty good idea, just looking at the recent photos of Nelly and his new gal pal, that his relationship with Ashanti has ended, but she’s not going to confirm it. We saw the pics of Ashanti and Nelly together on the beach, together at the club, together on the red carpet, so we know what’s up.

Or what WAS up, anyway. When the conversation headed to relationships and love, Ashanti wasn’t naming any names, only speaking about relationships in general. Here’s what she had to say to Sway about finding someone compatible to be in a relationship with:

“I think what’s important is to find someone who you have things in common with that can understand. So, whether you have a 9-to-5 or you’re in the industry or you’re into computers, or you’re into doing nails…whatever it is, you find someone that you’re compatible with.” Ashanti told Sway. Good advice, girlfriend!

Babies On The Way?

Ashanti is only 32 years old, but the singer/actress is definitely ready to move onto the next stage in her life. She has big plans to have a huge family, so she knows that she better get busy if she wants to reach her family goals!

“I’m going to have an army. I love kids. I think I want to have like six. We’ll see what happens. I know I gotta get started,” she said. “I got a couple more things to do first. Then, I’mma start really thinking about it.”

You heard it here first, folks! Miss Ashanti is ready to have some babies! Let’s hope she finds her a good man, and fast! We wish her all the best in her journey to find a good man, and her journey to become a mother!

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