Are Induced Labor Contractions More Painful?

Are Induced Labor Contractions More Painful?

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There is a great difference between labor that is induced and labor that begins naturally. When a woman goes into labor naturally, she is likely to do so over the course of a few weeks. Her cervix will begin to soften and open and prepare itself for the delivery process. Contractions will also begin slowly and build themselves up over time. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, when a woman does not go into labor on her own, it may be necessary for labor to be induced. When this occurs, labor will begin quickly and will be stronger than what is experienced during natural labor. This means that the contractions that are felt with an induced labor are more painful than those from a natural labor.

To help ease this pain, there are several options available. One is for doctors to begin with a low dose of the medications that will induce labor. This can help to cause the cervix to begin softening over time rather than all at once. It is usually best for women to be prepared for the pain and to ask for pain relief while in labor as well.

It is usually suggested to avoid inducing labor if possible. Doing so can place both the mother and the baby at risk of complications.

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