Are Any Exercises Off Limits During Pregnancy?

Are Any Exercises Off Limits During Pregnancy?

You have heard throughout your life that exercising is healthy and you must make it a part of your life. This holds true even during pregnancy. However, this thought is extremely daunting for pregnant ladies. Having to move vigorously and stretching can give any pregnant women the jitters.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many pregnant women also worry that it might have adverse effects on the baby but that is not true. You can carry out exercises with ease through your pregnancy. By exercising you will be showering upon yourself and your unborn baby a number of benefits on the physical as well as the physiological effects.

You will also have more energy, which is very important. Alongside, your mood will improve and your physical discomforts will be alleviated significantly.

Exercises that you should avoid

Doctors recommend thirty minutes of exercise per day for pregnant ladies. If you can do it everyday, that would be great. You should try exercising as often as you can. There are many exercises that you can carry out but there are also many that are off limits.

You should never try these exercises because they can harm you and your baby. Hence, you should talk to your health care provider to be sure that you are not following any exercise that is out of bounds. Here are a few such exercises that you should steer clear of during pregnancy at any cost.

Hot yoga

Yoga is of numerous different types. Some forms of yoga are especially good for pregnant women. In fact they are considered as the best for those who are pregnant but there are a few forms that you should not even try especially during your first trimester.

One such form of yoga is Bikram yoga, which is also referred to as hot yoga. As the name suggests, the environment to perform this type of yoga should be hot. The heat can go well beyond a hundred degrees at times. Such extreme temperatures can harm your baby a lot. Overheating is never good for the unborn child and your baby may be born with birth defects.

Asthanga yoga

Another form of yoga that you should avoid at all costs is Asthanga yoga. This type of yoga is extremely intense. It demands intense poses one after the other. This can be very harmful during pregnancy.

If you are an expert at yoga, you may continue through your first trimester but if you are new to yoga and/or if you have had miscarriages in the past, you should avoid it completely. There are many gentle forms of this type of exercise. They are the best for pregnant ladies and you can practice those with ease.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving can be dangerous because this has the ability to produce nitrogen bubbles in your bloodstream. If this happens while you are pregnant, the bubbles may be carried to the fetus. The fetus does not have a way to expel the gas or filter it.

As a result the gas bubbles will advance to the vital organs. It can also lead to death. Diving is safe only during the first two weeks of pregnancy. After that you should avoid it completely.

Risk of trauma

In general you should avoid all exercises that come with risks of trauma or injuries such as rock climbing, inline skating, horseback riding, ice skating, snowboarding, and so on. You should also stay away from sports such as rugby, hockey, football, and basketball in which there are chances of the ball hitting your stomach.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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