Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again?

Angelina Jolie Pregnant Again?

Baby Number Seven?

If you believe those trustworthy guys and girls over at STAR magazine, (and who does that anyway?) Angelina Jolie is pregnant with her SEVENTH baby! The horribly untrustworthy gossip mag reports that Angelina is already three months along, and that the baby is a boy. Apparently, big sis Shiloh has already decided that the baby will be named John. Um, ok. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What Star Says

Here’s what STAR has to say. A source told Star that “Angelina has been staying out of the public eye because she doesn’t want to let anyone know that she’s expecting,” which for some explains her absence from this month’s Golden Globes. “She had morning sickness and didn’t want to draw attention to herself in public,” said the source.

We’re Not Buying It

We are not buying this. If we believed STAR magazine every time they reported it, Angelina and Brad would have had 8 more kids since their twins were born back in 2008. Angie is supposedly “pregnant” every time she blinks an eye, and the magazine always has “inside information” and “secret sources” to confirm. We are not buying it this time around, STAR!

According to STAR, Angie’s pregnant again, and Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with twins! Oh yeah, and just a few months ago, Angie was pregnant with twins too, according to STAR! Hmmm, did that work out? We didn’t think so! Just saying STAR magazine, we are not going to trust you on this one either!

Tying The Knot?

STAR also reports that Angelina and Brad are planning to tie the knot this year after the Cannes Film Festival in May. Angie and Brad had previously said that they wouldn’t going to get married until it was legal for all same sex couples to get married, but they have recently said that their kiddos were pressuring them to get married.

Brad surprised everyone back in 2012 when he proposed to Angie, so who knows, maybe they are getting married in Cannes? Let’s just say that we can see the marriage rumor being true, but we seriously doubt that the pregnancy rumors are true!

Angie is 37 and Brad is 49, so if they are going to have more kiddos, time is ticking away. Of course, they could always adopt again, so there’s no reason they couldn’t add more to their brood whenever they wanted! However, we are sure these two superstars have their hands full with their six and and their careers!

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