Angela Simmons Knows Bow Wow’s Tryst

Angela Simmons Knows About Bow Wow’s Love Triangle at Work

Everybody’s Talking

A few weeks ago, socialite and entrepreneur Angela Simmons had a few guest appearances to talk fashion on the TV show “106 & Park“. That in and of itself wasn’t all that shocking, but the fact that she would be catching up with host and ex-boyfriend Bow Wow did get people talking. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Was this just strictly a work function, or were these two trying to rekindle their relationship? We know that they have a long history together, so would things be awkward once they were back on the same show together? Read on to find out what is up with this former twosome.


Angela and Bow Wow had a great time catching up, and she posted a pic of them to Twitter with the caption “Been riding 9 years and counting #RealFriendship”. Bow Wow’s mom Teresa (who LOVES the idea of the two of them getting back together) retweeted the photo with an added smiley face! Awww!

Catching Up

While Angela was at the show and the two were catching up, they were also spotted having drinks and getting massages at New York City’s “Stone Rose Lounge”, but no funny business, this was just strictly friends hanging out!

Although we think these two are adorable together, we know that some people are just better off as friends and it is nice to see two people who know that and respect each other’s boundaries. These days, most of what we see is exes fighting and being nasty to each other, so this is a nice switch.

A Love Triangle?

Another crazy rumor out there (aren’t most of the rumors crazy out there in gossip town?) is that Bow Wow and Angela couldn’t get back together, because one of his co-hosts could be getting in the way? Rumor has it that Bow Wow’s co-host Kimberly “Paigion” Walker (who has a boyfriend of her own) and Bow Wow have gotten so close since working on the show, that some people believe that it could stand in the way of a Bow Wow/ Angela Simmons reconciliation.

Some people believe that Bow Wow and Kimberly have been messing around, even though she is dating the OTHER 106 & Park co-host, Shorty Da Prince! Shew, these guys sure do have quite a bit of drama! Don’t they know to keep work and home separate? Of course, all of this is just rumor, and from where we are sitting, there is no drama, just a bunch of folks who work together and are close friends! So, for now, anyway, keep talking, haters!

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