Alicia Silverstone’s Orgasmic Birth

Alicia Silverstone's Orgasmic Birth

The Orgasmic WHAT?

Birth. Orgasms. I don’t think the two go together, but what about you? Did you know that there are women out there who swear by a birthing method known as Orgasmic Birth? One of the Orgasmic Birth plan’s most famous fans? Alicia Silverstone. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What She Says

She even recommends it on her blog, saying:

“A while back, a few members of the community suggested the book Orgasmic Birth to me, and I happened to be reading it at the time. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to or thinking about having a baby! I think this book was my favorite birth book of all the books I read. If you are pregnant now, read it ASAP. It was such a good read, and there is also a great film called Orgasmic Birth. The film was just amazing – I can’t recommend it enough! I hope every woman in the world gets to see this film and read this book. What a gift!”

What IS It?

The Orgasmic Birth experience is a birthing method that encourages women to enjoy their labor to the point of orgasm. (This is not a joke. We know, we couldn’t believe it either.) There are many women who have chosen this birthing method.

While not all of them have had an orgasm while giving birth, many of them tout the birthing method as a great drug free choice for labor and delivery. The films creator had this to say:

“It’s really about the range of choices women have for experiencing birth, some of which most women aren’t even aware of. There are eleven couples featured in the movie. Some use words like ‘pain’ and ‘fear’ to describe their experience but others use ‘transformative’, ‘blissful’, and ‘spiritual’. Two of them use the word ‘orgasmic’. This sounds strange in our culture because we’re used to seeing birth dealt with on an illness model, rather than a wellness model. Birth is part of a woman’s sexual life.”

Is It Real?

While many women say they swear by this birthing method, and the film’s creator says that many women have come up to her on the street, saying that they too, have had an orgasmic birth, can it really be possible? I don’t know.

Some people say yes, but where I am sitting, there is absolutely no way. Orgasm was the LAST thing from my mind during labor. How about pain? Nausea? Fear? Stress? Worry? Nervousness? Excruciating Pain? Did I mention pain? I don’t think that I could personally ever have anything that would come close to resembling an orgasmic birth.

I am just not that in tune with my body I guess, because there is no way in the world I could associate orgasm with childbirth. I guess that some women can, and more power to them! Whatever helps a woman through her labor, good for her. But, I’m just saying, I don’t think it could ever work for me!

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