How Much Does Alcohol Affect Fertility?

How Much Does Alcohol Affect Fertility?

We are all very aware of the effects of alcohol on a pregnancy. Alcohol can really damage a fetus during pregnancy. Alcohol during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, low birth weight and even birth defects caused by fetal alcohol syndrome. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

While we all understand the effects of alcohol on a developing and growing baby, many women don’t even realize that they should be paying attention to their alcohol consumption long before they get pregnant. Today we are going to talk about how alcohol can affect fertility.

Alcohol effects in women

If a woman drinks too much, she can disrupt her periods, or even trigger anovulation, which is when you do not ovulate at all. If a woman’s periods are disrupted, it is harder for her to know when she is ovulating, which makes it harder to get pregnant.

If a woman has the condition known as anovulation, that means she does not ovulate at all. Without ovulating, there is no way to get pregnant. Alcohol can also lead to issues with a woman’s hormonal balance, messing with the important hormones estrogen and progesterone.

When these hormones are out of whack, conception can be much harder. The best option for a woman who is trying to conceive is to abstain from alcohol while trying to conceive, while pregnant, and after pregnancy for the entire duration of time that she is breastfeeding. While breastfeeding, alcohol can be passed on to the baby, so you should never drink while breastfeeding.

Alcohol effects in men

The effects of alcohol use and abuse are not just apparent in women, however. They can also show up in men as well. In men, alcohol can cause problems with the sperm. Alcohol use lowers sperm quantity as well as sperm quality.

Too much alcohol can also lead to increased estrogen production, which might cause problems with hormone levels and sperm levels both. Men who heavily drink alcohol might even cause a man to develop an erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that if men stop drinking, they can reverse the damaging effects of alcohol on fertility. Men who are wanting to start a family should abstain from drinking for at least three months since this is the time it takes for new, healthy sperm to grow and develop. After that, if a man stays clear of alcohol while trying to conceive, his sperm should be healthy enough to help create a healthy baby!

Alcohol effects in both men and women

The harmful effects of alcohol are not only physical. Alcohol is a harmful substance when it is abused, and can cause not only physical effects but also emotional and mental effects as well. It can cause problems with decision making and relationships, and can make it hard for a person to succeed at their goals when they are under the influence. If you think that you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs, speak with your doctor about how you can get help, so you can have the family you dream of.

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