Acupressure Methods for Pregnancy

Acupressure Methods for Pregnancy

Acupressure is from Chinese medicine and is practiced all over the world today. It is supposed to be very effective and has been practiced for five thousand years now. According to acupressure, the body has a number of active points and it is through these points that energy flows. If you stimulate these pressure points by applying pressure on them, it is believed that the flow of energy and blood circulation will improve significantly and that will help you a lot. When you stimulate these points, energy flow is enhanced. At the same time, endorphins or the chemicals, which relieve pain, are released. Thus, your body systems are balanced perfectly. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many people use acupuncture or acupressure when they want to get pregnant. You can try acupressure during pregnancy too, in order to overcome the various problems related to pregnancy. There are different pressure points for you to focus upon at different stages of pregnancy based on the pregnancy symptoms you feel and the changes that your body undergoes.

Thus, pressure points during early pregnancy are different from those during late pregnancy. Depending on the stage that you are in, you should choose the pressure points and start stimulating them so as to ease any discomfort and to sustain the pregnancy healthily with ease. Given below is more information to help you out.

Acupressure during early pregnancy

You will feel morning sickness during early pregnancy. For some women, the nauseated feeling is very severe and it is important to curb it. You can use acupressure as an effective and natural method to curb the problem.

The best point for acupressure to curb this annoying and uncomfortable symptom is the pericardium six. You can locate it in your wrist’s inner side, about two inches above. There are two tendons there and the point is between these. Another point is below your collarbone and above your breastbone. It is called the kidney six. This point will also help you get rid of morning sickness.

Acupressure during late pregnancy

Acupressure in the ending stages of pregnancy can help you prepare for the birth. There are four points that you can massage and stimulate in order to ensure healthy labor and healthy birth. These are urinary bladder 62, kidney 8, gallbladder 34, and stomach 36. Start massaging these points from the 37th week of your pregnancy to the very end.


You should always focus on the tender area or the sensitive area in order to apply pressure. The pressure must be deep and firm. You should massage until you are overcome by a numbing sensation in that point. Take a break then and then repeat it after a while.

Do it as often as required. In the beginning, you might feel pain at the pressure points but that is normal. You should start with less pressure and increase the pressure slowly according to how much you can bear. You can also have your spouse massage the points.

Before going for acupressure, it is recommended that you talk to an expert about it. Some pressure points are actually not safe for pregnancy and you should which ones they are so that you steer clear of them.

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