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Once the diagnosis of infertility is established, the doctor usually presents the treatment options available and it is up to the patient to decide on the best method. Most couples choose to try a medical treatment before going through surgery or undertaking assisted fertilization treatments like in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Find out two of the most effective fertility pills that work, one over the counter and the other available by prescription. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Fertibella Conceiveeasy

Fertibella is a natural fertility booster, helping to increase the body’s fertility levels. It stimulates a woman’s ovulation and overcomes the most frequent causes of infertility, like short luteal phase, inadequate cervical mucus, and irregular cycles.

Pregnancy rates by users of Fertibella shoot up dramatically compared to those trying to conceive without this over the counter fertility pill. As an all-natural supplement, Fertibella has no unpleasant side effects or inconveniences. It is a monthly reproductive support system, currently boasting 12 different monthly blends. Begin with the TTC Starter Kit, in which you will receive Months 1 & 2, as well as a bonus gift choice valued at $48 of 20 pregnancy tests, 20 ovulation tests or a mixture of 10 of each.

Every bottle of Fertibella costs $39.95, a far more affordable infertility treatment option than going toward the prescription route. Furthermore, for a limited time, the TTC Starter Kit is available as a 30-day risk-free trial in which you may receive the entire TTC Kit for just the cost of shipping. Try it free for 30 days, and if for whatever reason you decide it isn’t for you, simply call to cancel and you are never billed beyond the original $5.95 or $9.95 shipping and handling charge.


Another female fertility pill that really works, at least according to the statistics based on the results obtained by patients using it, is Clomiphene, a drug that stimulates ovulation by helping the ovaries to create a massive quantity of follicles on a monthly basis, allowing better egg development.

Clomid is indicated only if the infertility is caused by lack of ovulation, menstruation at irregular periods or by the polycystic ovarian syndrome. This prescription fertility drug is prescribed by your fertility doctor, and administered in oral tablet form, in the first 3-7 days of your menstrual cycle or on the interval between days 5 and 9.

Clomid, just like other prescription medications, has some mild side effects and should never be prescribed to patients with previous congenital complications. The side effects of Clomiphene are sometimes mistakenly associated with the initial signs of pregnancy, such as: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Clomid is one of the more affordable of the prescription fertility drug options, sold in 50mg at a time. On average, you will pay about $2-$5, with your doctor prescribing to you anywhere from 50-200mg per day for a 5-7 day course (roughly $35-$150 per month).

If you are looking for a magic fertility pill, these are two of your most trusted options. Speak with your healthcare practitioner about which pill will work best for you, whether you are looking to begin with a more inexpensive and all-natural over the counter option like Fertibella Conceiveeasy or if you wish to go the prescription fertility drug route with Clomid.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
Ms. Stephens has spent over twenty years in the healthcare world, specializing in obstretical and medical/surgical nursing. She joined ConceiveEasy as she has a strong interest in educating and empowering women and promoting fertility awareness.