Ovulation Symptoms: 9 Signs You’re Ovulating

Let’s take a look at the symptoms of ovulation. So let’s start with number 1:

Check your cervical mucus

Cervical Mucus. You’re going to notice an increase in your cervical mucus near the time of ovulation. It’s kind of resembles that of egg white and I’m sorry if every time you look at your egg now, you think of cervical mucus, but it really does. It looks like egg whites. You’ll have an extreme abundance of it which isn’t so fun when you’re not in the bedroom, I personally always have to wear a panty liner at this time of my cycle because you’re constantly, like, wet-like, really wet. Claim Your 20 Free Ovulation Tests – Click Here

So, and it’s really stretchy-that’s another thing. The egg white type of cervical mucus, like literally, if you go to check your cervix, and after you withdraw if you try to like, separate your fingers, you’ll notice that it just, it stretches without breaking. That is your fertile cervical mucus. Now it has its advantages in the bedroom because everything is nice and lubricated and makes that baby-making experience a little bit more enjoyable. And there’s a reason for it, it’s really beneficial for conceiving.

Take your basal body temperature (BBT)

Now number two typically, only applies to those who are charting and this is what it looks like when you’re charting. Because otherwise, you’re not really going to notice the change. But, your basal body temperature a.k.a. BBT will rise about a point. You’ll notice that temperature shift of about .4 degrees. Over 24-48 hour period. And it’s not something that you’re just going to wake up going, “Oh! I felt like I had a point for temperature shift.” It doesn’t happen. It really doesn’t. So, you’re going to have to take your temperature every morning to be able to notice something like this which is why I said it really only applies to those who are charting. And this again, is what the chart looks like. This blue jumpy line is my basal body temperature. And this rise right here in my chart – that is a basal body temperature rise of at least .4 degrees. That is your fertile thermal shift. And this is also the same time that you get this. Or sometimes directly before you’ll notice the increase of number 1: your cervical mucus. Receive a Free Digital Basal Body Thermometer – Get Yours Now!

Check the shape of your cervix

Okay, now number 3 has some relation to number 1 but you’ll notice if you check your cervix which I know that can be kind of weird. Some people like you don’t know what you’re looking for, like digging around in there, you’re like, “What is this?” but get to know your body. And it takes practice, but your cervix-well if you never had kids, it’s probably closed. This is the opening. But if you’ve had kids it’s probably, almost always going to be at about a 1cm. So there’s going to be a little opening to it. But, after a couple of cycles you’ll really get to know your cervix, so what its normal is, so what its not so normal is. But, when you are near ovulation or experiencing ovulation, your cervix will be considered high. So it will be hard to reach, you’ll have to go way up in there and find it. Some positions help in doing that, like raising a leg and what have you. And then sometimes it will feel soft. When you touch the opening to your cervix and you’ll be able to tell the difference when it’s firm and soft. When it’s firm, it’s kind of like the tip of your nose. And when it’s soft, it’s softer. And it actually kind of feels like the tip of your nose. And then the opening will be opened and that’s you know, important. So the semen or the sperm can get up in there. So, yeah, it takes a little bit of practice but get to know your body.

Check it everyday, you know, or midday or what have you. It will really help to track ovulation. And eventually, you’ll kind of figure it all out. And sometimes, and again like I said it kind of feels like a doughnut but in some people like myself, mine’s kind of off to the left. And even like my midwives that I’ve had in the past, they’re like, “Where is your cervix?” Tell them that, “It’s way over there.” So I have a tilted uterus and I know I’m not the only person out there that has one. So if you have a hard time finding it, kind of angle off to one side or the other, because you could be like me. So, and that is just for my cervix, always is. Even I’m pregnant it doesn’t change. It stays, kind of tilted. So, but the way that it’s related to number one is when you go to check your cervix, this is the great time to check your cervical mucus. After you withdraw, separate your fingers slowly. Don’t just go whooh because obviously it’s going to break. But you know, just slowly, it’s not, I mean you’re not going to be checking your cervix with these two fingers but it’s just an easier example for stretching purposes or like this, or like this. But whatever. So, separate your fingers, and slowly, and you’ll notice that when, you get about an inch apart it there’s still a string connected from one end to the next, then that’s more than likely going to be your fertile cervical mucus.

Slight or light spotting

Okay, now number 4 is, you may experience slight or light spotting. Usually it’s a light pink, a very light pink color. And this can sometimes be thought of as implantation or new cycles appearing or something else, but it can also happen at the time of ovulation. So you can’t really pinpoint when you see spotting within your cycle, “Oh, it means that.” So if you know that you’re ovulating for sure, and you’re spotting, it’s just another symptom. But don’t really try to use that when on your own because it’s really bad judgment.


Number 5 is going to be cramps. Now this one I hate the most. Matter of fact, we just got back from Galveston, we went on a little vacation with some family members and you know, when you’re on vacation you have all these plans of having fun in the bedroom as well. Mine got cancelled because of ovulation pain. It can be extremely painful. And some people don’t get any pain at all. When you deal with the pain, it’s typically going to be one side, left or right, the side that you’re ovulating on. And for somebody like me, I always know what side I’m ovulating on because it’s painful. This cycle for whatever the reason, it just so happen to be a lot more painful than usual and it was on my right side. So for me, that’s a really good indication that I’m ovulating. Like that is usually going to be for me, my very first sign.

Tender breasts

Number 6 is going to be booby tenderness. A lot of girls who get it as their cycle nears, do get it during pregnancy, usually. Sometimes it’s just when it’s your first pregnancy as your breasts have already gone through that whole change before. But, you can also get breast tenderness during the time of ovulation. This kind of goes back to the spotting though because you could get it so many times but then your cycle for so many different reasons, don’t rely on just that.

Abdominal bloating

Number 7 is abdominal bloating. Again, this can be because you have a cycle coming so don’t rely on just it. But you can get a little bit of puffiness going on down there, I did, again, on vacation while we’re at the beach and the water park, so it overly sought but it’s another sign of hey, ovulation is nearing.

Increased sex drive

Number 8, is that 8, no that’s 9, sorry! Number 8- increase sex drive. A lot of girls will notice this. It’s being like their number 1 key factor. You just find your man desirable, and you just want to jump his bones. And that doesn’t mean when you see, you know, like Channing Tatum on the big screen and you literally just want to pounce him, that doesn’t mean you’re ovulating. That’s just, he’s a hot guy so no matter who you are, you’re looking at him, you’re going to want to jump him. But, you know, typically, when you look at your husband and you find him completely desirable and you just thought if you have to have him, it’s probably an increased sex drive and it’s due to ovulation. So, I don’t think he’s going to mind.

Heightened senses

Number 9 and actually, number 9 this time. Heightened sense of taste, smell, vision, all that great stuff. I don’t typically experience this. I know some girls that have but I don’t normally so I can’t speak a whole lot about it personally. Normally for me, it’s just during pregnancy. But, I hear of a lot of girls saying, “Oh, it smells awful” or, “Oh, it just tastes awful” and they’re like, “Wait a second, is it that time of the month? I’m ovulating.”

Until next time ladies. I’ll see you later. Bye!

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