8 Ways To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

8 Ways To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

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Conceiving again after a miscarriage can be exceptionally hard. It can not only be a difficult thing to do mentally, but conceiving again after having a miscarriage can be a difficult thing for a couple to do mentally.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

When will it be time to try again? When will your body be ready?

Will you be able to handle the emotions and feelings that come along with trying to conceive again after suffering a miscarriage. It doesn’t matter if it was your first miscarriage or your twentieth. It doesn’t matter if you were six weeks along or sixteen.

Every miscarriage hurts and every miscarriage affects a woman in its own way. More than one in five pregnancies happen to end in miscarriage, so it is something we really do need to talk about and get educated about. It happens so much more often than many of us really realize, and it is something that is often brushed away or swept under the rug in many cases.

However, if you keep reading, you will find some tips to improve your chances of conceiving again after suffering a miscarriage.


Know When To Try Again

For the longest time, doctors advised couples to wait on average for about three cycles before starting to try to conceive again. The theory was that this would give the body time to heal and would give time for all of the body’s hormones to return to normal.

D & C Procedure

However, doctors no longer believe that waiting is necessary, unless of course there is trauma that has been suffered that needs time to heal. As long as a woman has no lasting physical issues associated with her miscarriage, such as extended bleeding, or a D&C, there is no reason to have to wait.

Doctors do recommend seeing a doctor about two or three weeks after their miscarriage or D&C procedure, just to get things checked out and make sure that there are no lasting physical problems. If a doctor says everything is fine, then it’s all clear to go ahead and start trying again.

Doctors do not say that you need to wait until your periods resume and return to normal, although you can do so if you wish to. Simply put, whenever you feel emotionally and physically ready to begin trying again, you are usually fine to do so unless your doctor has told you otherwise.


Emotional Healing Is Paramount

Women who have suffered a miscarriage have more than just physical healing to deal with when they are thinking about trying to conceive again. In fact, sometimes, the emotional wounds are the ones that take longer to heal as opposed to the physical issues. Miscarriages bring out a wide range of emotions, from (obviously) grief, to anger, frustration, sadness and more.

It takes a while to work through those emotions and to be ready to face the task of trying to conceive again. Some women heal better if they visit a counselor or therapist to help them out. Other women find that talking with family or friends can really be helpful. Journaling, or getting plenty of exercise is a good place to start when it comes to emotional health and healing after a miscarriage.

You have to have an open and honest relationship with your partner as well, because you will both have to be on the same page when it comes to trying to conceive again. Miscarriage can definitely take a toll on a relationship, so be sure to keep the lines of communication open between yourself and your partner so that you can keep your relationship in a good place.

emotional healing from miscarriage

Definitely take your time to heal yourself and your relationship so that you can be the best you can be when you are trying to conceive again after miscarriage.


Cut Out Bad Habits

If women have any bad habits that they are still engaging in after suffering from a miscarriage, it is a good idea to cut those bad habits out in order to improve the chances of conceiving again after miscarriage.

For women who smoke, drink, or use illegal drugs, these things are especially damaging to fertility, and should be stopped immediately in order to improve the chances of conceiving after miscarriage.

Not getting enough sleep or having a very stressful daily life can also contribute to fertility issues, so try to keep those things in mind as well. The fact is that women have to be vigilant about what is going on in their daily lives in order to try to cut out all the things that could be contributing to health problems or things that could potentially contribute to the higher chance of a miscarriage.

There are so many things that can affect fertility, so when you are trying to conceive again after a miscarriage, you should do whatever it is in your power to improve your overall health and try to keep yourself in the best possible shape for getting pregnant.

cigarette and beer


Diet Is Very Important

One other thing that is super important when it comes to trying to conceive after suffering a miscarriage is diet. What women put into their bodies is very important and can really go a long way towards helping become the healthiest possible.

First of all, women who are trying to conceive need to make sure that they are not putting anything negative into their bodies. They need to make sure that they are cutting out things like fast food, sugary sweets, fatty foods and unhealthy junk.

This should be one of the first steps for women who are looking to conceive again after a miscarriage. This is because diet is one of the things that sets your body up for success and the healthier you eat, the healthier you will be.

It’s probably also a good idea to cut out caffeine too during this time, since it has been proven to be unhealthy and can potentially make it harder to try to conceive. Most doctors are in agreement that a small amount of caffeine doesn’t really hurt chances of conceiving, but it can’t hurt to cut it out all together.

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Women who are trying to conceive again after miscarriage really need to be on the lookout for negative things that they can cut out of their diets in order to up their health.

Once a woman has cut out the negative things in her daily diet, it’s time to start adding in the healthy foods and the things that will make her body healthy and strong. The first thing to do is to start drinking more water. It’s nearly impossible to drink too much water, and drinking lots of water will help to flush bad stuff out of a woman’s system. Furthermore, drinking water will help women to stay hydrated which can improve overall health.

Women who are trying to conceive should eat a really healthy and well balanced diet. Whole grain products such as whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and brown rice and pasta should be included. Possibly one of the most important things for women to add to their diets will be fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible. Lean meats and proteins are also super important so women should make sure to get enough of those in their day.

As far as dairy products go, more than one study has showed that full fat dairy products are actually better for women who are actively trying to conceive as opposed to low fat or fat free options. Make sure to keep these things in mind so that you can be eating the healthiest diet possible when trying to conceive after a miscarriage.

A good idea is for women to make a dietary plan of healthy foods to eat on a daily basis in order to ensure good nutrition and in turn, good health for women who are trying to conceive.


Vitamins And Supplements

Vitamins and supplements are also a really good idea to get started on when you are trying to conceive after a miscarriage. A good quality prenatal vitamin is a really great place to start. A prenatal vitamin can help to bridge any nutritional gaps in a woman’s diet, and can help her to be in her best overall health. It can really help for women to be their best when they are trying to conceive.

Another great option could be the use of fertility blends and supplements when women are trying to conceive after a miscarriage. Fertility blends can take all of the very important and most popular fertility herbal supplements and combine them into one easy to take capsule. This can be a great way for women to explore the world of herbal fertility medicine with little risk.

Herbal fertility supplements like ConceiveEasy can really take a woman’s fertility to great levels and they are a great option for women who want to explore fertility herbal medicine. Definitely try to get your fill of dietary supplements, vitamins and herbal fertility blends in order to give fertility an easy boost.


Know When To Seek Help

While most women who have a miscarriage will go on to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards, sometimes a miscarriage can indicate a more serious problem. If a woman has suffered from more than three miscarriages in a row, or has experienced a pregnancy loss after twenty weeks, it is probably a good idea for a woman to see a fertility doctor to find out if there is a more serious problem.

In this case there could potentially be an underlying issue that could be responsible for recurrent miscarriages or late term miscarriages. Also, it might be a good idea to talk about the possibility of using progesterone treatments if you are trying to conceive after recurrent miscarriages. The fact is, many studies have shown that progesterone treatment can cut down on the risk of having a miscarriage.

However, this is not usually a first line of treatment so you will definitely need to talk with your doctor to ensure that you are getting all of the proper treatments.


Pursue Proper Self Care

Another really important aspect of trying to conceive after miscarriage is to make sure to practice proper self care. We talked a little bit before about making sure to get enough sleep and handling stress, but it really is so important when you are trying to conceive again after miscarriage.

How to relieve from stress

Women who are trying to conceive after miscarriage are likely to have an entire range of emotions, and this is totally normal. Some women turn to counseling to keep in check with their emotions, some turn to exercise and some turn to other methods of stress relief. A great option for some women to deal with stress relief after miscarriage is acupuncture or fertility massage.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you are taking care of yourself following a miscarriage in order to help yourself heal, both physically and emotionally.


Do Not Give Up

One of the best and most reassuring things to remember when you are trying to conceive after miscarriage is to know that the chance of having a healthy pregnancy and subsequently a healthy baby afterwards is very high.

In fact, only around 5 percent of women will have two consecutive miscarriages. Even lower are the odds of having more than two miscarriages in a row. In fact, the chance of a woman having more than two consecutive miscarriages in a row is very only around 1%.

The vast majority of the time, a miscarriage for a woman is just a random “fluke,” and it usually will not happen again. This is an important thing to keep in mind if women are feeling discouraged when it comes to trying to conceive after miscarriage.

The chances of having a healthy baby after miscarriage is extremely high and women should not be discouraged. Just keep trying and make sure to do all of the things you can do to keep yourself strong and healthy for the best chance of conceiving again after miscarriage, and above all us, do not give up!

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