7 Ways to Know If You Are Fertile


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It’s completely normal to worry about whether or not you are fertile, especially if you haven’t tried to conceive before. Women are natural worriers, and many times, women worry about their fertility when they don’t really need to. However, there are a few different ways to find out if you are fertile, without actually trying to get pregnant. Read on for more tips! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Track your periods

A great way to gauge your fertility is to track your periods.

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If your periods are regular, it is usually a good indication that you are ovulating properly as well, so tracking your periods is definitely a good first step.

Track your basal body temperature

You can use your basal body temperature as a good indicator of whether or not you are ovulating properly. To do this, you have to purchase a basal thermometer, and take your temperature every morning before you even get out of bed.

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You track your temperature each day and you should be able to notice a spike when it is time for you to ovulate.

Keep an eye on your cervical mucus

Cervical mucus, the natural secretions of the vagina, can be an indicator of how fertile you are. When your cervical mucus is clear, stretchy and resembles egg whites, that means that you are near your fertile time.

Pay attention to your senses

During ovulation, your senses are heightened. So, if your skin feels softer than usual, or if certain smells are making you gag, it could be a good clue that you are in the middle of your fertile time.

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Buy a kit

You can use an over the counter ovulation prediction kit to see if you are ovulating. These kits work much like home pregnancy tests. You can use the test every day until you get a positive result, and that is when you know it is your fertile time.

Have your guy checked out

Your guy can have his sperm checked pretty easily at a doctor’s office, and that can go a long way towards reassuring you that your man is fertile. If your guy is willing, having his sperm tested is a great way to start off with making sure your family is fertile.

Get yourself tested

If you are still not sure how fertile you are, ask your doctor to do some testing for you. There are many different tests that doctors can do to see just how fertile you are. Some of them include having your LH tested, having your ovarian reserve tested, having your FSH levels tested, having your prolactin tested, having your thyroid tested, and many other tests. If you are not sure how fertile you are, this can be a great choice.

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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