7 Wacky Things We Do To Get Pregnant

7 Wacky Things We Do To Get Pregnant

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Getting pregnant can make women act a little bit crazy sometimes. Life goes from being simple to being filled with ovulation tests, having sex at just the right time, eating a healthy diet, and all different kinds of things to improve fertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, sometimes doing all of the right things in order to try to conceive can make a woman feel more than a little overwhelmed. This can also lead to women doing all sorts of crazy and wacky things just in the hopes that they will help to boost fertility and give them a better chance of getting pregnant.

Read on for some of the wackiest things that us women do in order to boost our fertility and get pregnant.


Playing Graphs and Charts With Temperatures

One thing that women sometimes do in order to boost fertility and improve the chances of getting pregnant is to track and chart their basal body temperature. While this sounds pretty normal and can give women an idea of when their most fertile days are, the process of charting basal body temperature can be a little bit whacky sounding.

BBT thermometers to track ovulation

First of all, to do this, women will need a special basal body thermometer, which is used to measure temperature down to the very detailed degree. After a woman obtains this thermometer, she will need to take her temperature every single day, before she even gets out of bed in the morning. This is because a woman’s basal body temperature is the temperature of the body at rest.

After taking her temperature every single day, and writing down the results on a special chart for temperature, women will be able to chart her basal body temperature. By plotting the temperature results on the chart, women will be able to see a slight temperature spike around the time of ovulation.

Although charting basal body temperature can really be a great way for women to know when their fertile days are, it can also seem a little bit crazy, the temperature taking every day before even getting out of bed, and the charting the results on the graph.

As you can probably imagine, this can sound a little bit wacky, and can leave women looking a little bit like a mad scientist.


Standing On Your Head After Sex

This one is sometimes considered an old wives’ tale, however, some women swear by it and say that they really believe it to work in order to improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Standing On Your Head After Sex

The way that this tip goes is for women to lay still after sex, and to put their legs up for a few minutes after sex. This is most commonly done by laying on a woman’s back and putting her legs up against the wall, sort of in a “standing on your head” position.

Most women do this for around 30 minutes after sex. The idea is to let the sperm have a chance to “travel to the egg” as easily as possible.

However, you can probably imagine how silly women look standing on their heads after sex in order to improve their chances of getting pregnant.


Putting Off Sex Until Fertile Days

Can you imagine being right in the middle of a spontaneous, romantic moment with your significant other, and then suddenly, you have to stop, and you decide that you can’t have sex, simply because it’s not the right time?

It sounds crazy and a little bit silly, but that is exactly what happens when women are trying to conceive. Women often get so focused on having a baby that they actually refuse sex with their partners unless it is on a fertile day.

This sounds a little crazy, but this happens quite a bit when it comes to trying to conceive. Some women will not want to have sex with their partners until their fertile days come around.

Sometimes women will want to “save up” sex until they are ovulating, and by doing this, can cause a big problem within a relationship. Both men and women can begin to feel like sex is a chore and that there is no spontaneity or passion involved in their sex life. This can cause a huge wedge in between a couple, so men and women should take this into consideration and should make sure not to let these problems creep their way into their relationship.

So next time you’re significant other stops in a romantic moment and says, no we can’t because it’s not the right time – you know you’re in the middle of wacky!


Eating Plants, Roots, Seeds, and Berries

While it might sound like something straight off of Survivor or another crazy reality show, the truth is, eating plants, roots, seeds and berries is just another way to describe herbal fertility medicine.

Herbal fertility medicine has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, and  many women believe that it is incredibly helpful for boosting fertility and making it possible to get pregnant. Fertility herbal medicine is made up of the practice of using natural elements found in seeds, plants, fruits, berries, and roots to make medicinal tools used to boost fertility.

While it might sound a little out there to use these “naturey” things as medicine, experts say that herbal fertility medicine can actually be quite helpful in boosting fertility.

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There are so many different fertility herbs out there, it can be quite overwhelming to know which ones should be used for which things, so you will definitely need to do your research and know what you would need for your particular situation.

For women who are nervous about all of the guesswork involved in herbal fertility medicine, it might be a good idea to consider something like an herbal fertility blend. ConceiveEasy is one popular fertility blend that many women find helpful for helping them to boost their fertility.

These fertility blends take all of the proper dosages and measurements of all of the most common fertility herbal supplements and blend them together into one easy to take capsule. This means that women can take the proper amount of each fertility herb without having to do research and measurements of each one on their own.

berries to help increase chances of pregnancy

So, as you can see, while fertility herbal medicine might sound a little bit wacky eating roots, berries, and the like, it can actually be incredibly helpful to many women who are trying to conceive.


Stick Needles All Over Our Body

As you might have guessed, this next one is talking all about fertility acupuncture. It is an ancient practice that has been around for hundreds of years, however, fertility acupuncture has really started to grow in popularity as a treatment for fertility troubles.

In acupuncture therapy, long, thin needles are placed in different positions all over the body. Each spot that a needle is placed has a certain effect on fertility. While acupuncture therapy doesn’t always “hurt” per se, we are certain that it must be at least a little bit uncomfortable to have all of these needles sticking out of your body for hours at a time.

acupuncture for fertility

However weird it might sound, many women swear by acupuncture treatments to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs and to reset the body’s chemical makeup. Some say fertility acupuncture can help with ovulation, period problems, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and hormonal imbalances that can really make conceiving much harder.

Please make sure, however, that if you are going to be undergoing acupuncture treatments for fertility, that you do your research and really understand what you are getting into and what you need to do in order to have the best results for your particular situation. Finding a knowledgeable experienced practitioner is also of the utmost importance, so make sure that you do your research in finding someone to perform your treatments as well.

So when you look like the scary character in Hellraiser with needles sticking all out of you, you know it’s all in the name of conceiving!


Drinking Cough Syrup Without A Cough

This one also sounds a bit crazy, but some women do believe that taking a cough syrup that contains an expectorant can actually help to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Now, this idea has nothing to do with an actual cough, so don’t think that!

The way that it is said, certain cough syrups contain guafenesin, an active ingredient that is used to thin mucus secretions in the throat and chest. You might be familiar with this ingredient in certain forms of Mucinex and Robitussin cough syrup.

Some people use Robitussin to increase their chances of getting pregnant

You might not be following along just yet with how this relates to fertility, but keep reading to find out more.

While this active ingredient is useful for thinning mucus to help coughs and colds feel better, some women believe that it can actually help to thin the mucus secretions of the cervix as well. Cervical mucus that is super thick can actually make it harder for the sperm to get to the egg, which can make trying to conceive much harder.

For women who are looking for any way possible to boost their fertility, thinning out the cervical mucus by using these cough syrups can be an easy way to improve the chances of the sperm reaching the egg quickly and easily. Some experts say that this may not really work too well, but other women say that they swear by this method in order to improve fertility.

Taking cough syrup when you don’t have a cough? Yes, wacky!

Eating Tons Of Pineapple

This one definitely sounds a bit crazy, but some women really and truly believe that eating lots of pineapple will increase their chances of getting pregnant.

We aren’t sure just how true this one is, but there is a little bit of scientific research to back it up. The truth is, pineapple contains a powerful enzyme known as bromelain. This enzyme has been proven in some cases to help an embryo to implant more easily into a woman’s uterine lining.

Experts say that there is some truth to the fact that pineapple contains ingredients to help improve the uterine lining, but they also say that you would only see benefits if you ate LOTS of pineapple, and only for about four to five days near your ovulation date.

Eating Tons Of Pineapple can help with fertility

However, this doesn’t stop many die hard women from consuming all of the pineapple they possibly can in order to improve their chances of conceiving. At least with this wacky trying to conceive tip, you are getting a yummy snack along the way as well, so no big deal with that!

So load up on oodles of pineapples and try this wacky getting pregnant tip!


In Closing

As you can clearly see, there are so many things that we as women often consider doing in order to boost our fertility and improve our chances of conceiving. In fact, there are not many things as determined as a woman who wants to try to conceive. We go to great lengths, try lots of crazy things that we would never otherwise try, and pretty much are willing to do whatever it takes to make things happen.

As you can read from the list above, there are so many different crazy and whacky things out there that women are willing to do in order to boost their chances of getting pregnant, and this list is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many other things as well that we have failed to mention in this list.

stay calm and avoid getting stressed when trying to conceive

The main and most important thing to remember when trying to conceive is to take care of yourself and your body. Do the best you can to keep yourself and your body as healthy as possible. Getting pregnant can be quite overwhelming, time consuming and stressful, especially if women are letting their emotions take over.

For this reason, it’s very important for women to stay calm, and take a look at all of the different things that they can do in order to improve their fertility on their own. Also, it doesn’t hurt to see a doctor before getting started with trying to conceive in order to double check on a woman’s health and make sure that she is in a good place to try to conceive. All of these things can work together hand in hand to make it easier and simpler to try to conceive. Just keep these things in mind as you go along and you will be in a good place to start trying to get pregnant.

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