Tips on How to Get Pregnant Faster

Here’s a few tips on how to get pregnant faster.

I’m filming in my nursery so if you wonder what the background is all about. I’m just here in my nursery because it’s my most comfortable spot.

Anyway, back to getting pregnant faster, here are a few tips that worked for me and are helpful. So:

Get doctor check-up

Number 1, the first thing when you’re thinking about having a baby is you definitely want to check with your doctor and just, you know, get yourself checked out and make sure that you know, you don’t have any health complications going on in your-just good to go and get the okays. That would probably be the first thing. Claim Your 20 Free Ovulation Tests – Click Here

Get busy with your partner

Moving on, this is probably obvious but, the next step to trying to conceive or get pregnant fast is having sex. You probably are going to want to have sex at least 2-3 times a week just, you know, the more the merrier. And, the more chances you will have at getting pregnant.

Know when you’re ovulating

To go with the sex part, you’re going to want to know when you’re ovulating. That is actually a really major part in getting pregnant and it’ll kind of speed up the process if you kind of know when you’re ovulating. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here! So I would suggest, maybe not only charting your ovulation but you could also just purchase an ovulation predictor kit. They’re really accurate and it’s just easier than trying to figure it out on your own. I know that they offer them up like at CVS, or Target, or Wal-Mart. They actually have kits that come with directions and you take it’ll tell you when you’re ovulating. So that’s a really good tool to use. Personally, I did it myself because I kind of, I have a very regular cycles and so I knew exactly when I would be ovulating and I kind of figure it out on my own. You are, you know, pretty good at doing that and you have regular cycles, then that might be an option for you as well. Usually the common rule is usually you’re ovulating around day 14 but 28 days cycle. But not everyone has 28 days of their cycle. Some people are 30, some people are 32. It just depends. That’s why an ovulation calculator. Either online or buying the kit is really helpful because then you know exactly when you’re ovulating.

Time it right

That leads us right into the next tip on getting pregnant faster. You’re going to want to have sex when you’re ovulating or before you’re ovulating. So, there’s actually a very small window of time that that happens so that’s why you want to pinpoint when you’re ovulating because you need to be ovulating in order to get pregnant. So you definitely want to make sure that you’re having sex before ovulation takes place. And thus, the 2-3 times a week which will up your chances of getting pregnant faster. As a general rule, your partner’s sperm lasts longer than your eggs. So if you are making sure that you have sex before you’re ovulating is just, a better chance in getting pregnant. Sperm can last up to 3-5 days whereas your egg, will last about 24 hours. So, that’s another tip.

Be sure and relax

And a personal tip that I would definitely say that helps is just enjoy yourself. I know when my husband and I first decided to have a baby, I was a little bit stressed. I was really on edge about, like having sex and making sure I was ovulating. And I just was very anxious about it and I kind of was all was pressuring myself and I think when I actually let go and just relaxed and just enjoyed the process, it came a lot quicker and easier than I thought. So I think that’s another really big tip is, yeah you want to know when you’re ovulating. And yes, you want to have sex. You know, certain times of week and, you know, you want to know your body but, you also just want to have fun and enjoy it and don’t stress out about it because I think the more you stress, the more your body feels stressed and it doesn’t necessarily happen.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Also I think you want to remember that it takes time for everyone; it’s different. Some people, they decide they want to have a baby and they’re pregnant the next week or so or the next month. Some people start and it takes a little while and so I would just say don’t freak out if you’re not pregnant within a certain time period. Actually I think my doctor said first time pregnancy, it takes, you know, maybe up to a year. Now past the year, then, you know, you can talk to your doctor and there are other options that maybe you might look into but I think my husband and I took this, about 6 or 7 months of trying. So I would just say don’t put pressure on yourself. Just relax and enjoy the process.

So, going over with the steps again of getting pregnant fast, number 1, you want to check with your doctor and just kind of make sure you’re at optimal help and all that stuff is checked out. You want to make sure you’re having sex obviously multiple times a week that definitely helps your chances. You want to make sure when you’re ovulating and have sex when you’re ovulating. And you also just want to have a good time.

So those are my tips and I hope they’re helpful and I will talk to you guys later.
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Brittany Null
Brittany Null | ConceiveEasy
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