6 Herbs That Can Improve Male Fertility

6 Herbs That Can Improve Male Fertility

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Whenever a couple decides to have kids, there are many things that they need to do in order to prepare themselves for making the biggest life change ever. And, men must also do their part in regards to increasing their chances of getting their girlfriends or wives pregnant. This may include taking herbs to improve male fertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

They must stop taking long hot showers and only aim to take showers that are shorter and that is lukewarm. The heat will hurt the sperm count and overall quality.

The same goes for wearing underwear or constricting jeans. That is why boxers are recommended for men to wear while they are trying to expand their families, in addition to loose-fitting breathable cotton pants. This way the groin area will be kept cool so the sperm count and overall quality will be good. These need to replace briefs and tight-fitting pants, especially jeans.

wearing loose clothing and fertility herbs to improve male fertility

Another thing that men can do is make sure that they eat foods that are fertility-friendly for them like foods that are loaded in zinc such as oysters, nuts and seeds. And Vitamin C also helps boost sperm count levels and the quality which is found in citrus fruits and vegetables, and berries.

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There are also herbs that men can take that can help improve their fertility. Let’s find out what 6 male-fertility boosting herbs there are for men to take to increase their chances of being successful with expanding their families.


Maca is an herb that many women take to improve their fertility as well. However, Maca has properties that can help with male fertility as well. Men who take Maca have more semen, higher quantities and a better quality of sperm, and a stronger libido.

maca- herbs improve male fertility

Maca really is a wonderful fertility herb that both men and women who have achieved successful pregnancies have raved about. Maca can improve hormonal levels and blood flow for both men and women. This is why Maca is really known as one of the best fertility herbal remedies around.


Tribulus is an herbal remedy that men really should look into taking before actively trying to conceive. In fact, it has been said that the Tribulus extracts really are the most helpful because it helps strengthen libido for men.

tribulus- herbs improve male fertility

Other reasons that men are better off with taking Tribulus before they start trying is because it helps boost their testosterone levels. Additionally, Tribulus also reduces anti-sperm antibodies and has been known to treat erectile dysfunction. That said, men that want to become fathers would benefit from going to their naturopaths or their local health food store and ask about the best Tribulus products for them to take to help boost their fertility.


At one time, Ashwagandha was the herb that men took to help improve their sexual health. However, this herb also supports the endocrine system and can help boost testosterone as well. Not only does this herb improve their libido but it helps increase sperm counts as well.

ashwagandha- herbs improve male fertility

It also keeps their energy levels up, which means their sexual performance improves as well. For men that have concerns about taking this herb, then they should do their own research, or talk to a naturopathic doctor in order to learn more about how beneficial this herb really is for male fertility.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is not an herb that specifically boosts the amount of sperm, but it does help improve libido in men. Additionally, Saw Palmetto does help improve the male endocrine system and has been known to be an effective treatment for impotence.

Saw Palmetto- herbs improve male fertility

This herb is also great for the prevention of testicular atrophy and is great for prostate health. Saw Palmetto is definitely an herb that these men who want to become dads should put on their list for a possible herb to take to improve their chances of getting their girlfriends or wives pregnant.


Ginseng is one of the most popular herbs that men are confident to take because it is known to be safe (as the other herbs mentioned are as well), and it has been a known fact for a long time that Ginseng helps boost libido, improves sexual performance, and improves sperm count and quality.

ginseng - herbs improve male fertility

In fact, Ginseng has been known to successfully treat impotence, and many men either take Ginseng as a supplement or drink it as a tea. Ginseng tea can be found at any local supermarket, as well as the supplements. It is not necessary to go to the health food store or to see a naturopathic doctor to get Ginseng supplements or tea.


The Schisandra seed and fruit are excellent to improve liver health, and it improves the hormonal and endocrine system, as well as improves the immune system. Studies have also found that the Schisandra seed and fruit has been known to improve the sperm count and quality as well. Another great property that this herb has is that it can help combat stress and keep the nervous system calm. Stress is a fertility killer, just like how it was mentioned before.

Schisandra - herbs improve male fertilityThat said, if your partner is in a stressful job, it will really be beneficial for him to take some Schisandra supplements each day in order to keep his nerves calm. If guys have been taking this herb, and still no pregnancy has been achieved after trying for a year after the woman does her part- then that is the time to see a specialist.


Bottom Line – Herbs to improve male fertility

Unfortunately, these herbal remedies are only beneficial for men that have lower sperm counts with poorer quality due to environmental issues. However, if the sperm count is a result of a structural issue or from scarring in the groin area- then these herbs will only help to a degree.

The only way that a pregnancy has a higher chance of happening when it comes to dealing with low sperm counts due to structural issues or from scarring is through IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF-ICSI (in vitro intracytoplasmic sperm injection) in serious situations where the sperm count is very low, and the quality is poor.

With intracytoplasmic sperm injection is when the sperm is literally injected into the egg during an IVF procedure. IUI is much cheaper than IVF, and not so taxing on the woman either. So it would be ideal if the only way a pregnancy can happen with low sperm counts can be done through IUI, but in some extreme cases, that will not work.

However, let’s not assume the worst just yet. Tell your partner to start taking any of these suggested herbs while you do your part and best of luck!

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