50 Cent Got ‘Starter Wives Confidential’ Axed

TLC Cancels “Starter Wives Confidential:" 50 Cent Says He's the Reason

A busy man

Well, if you know rapper 50 Cent at all, you know that he likes to have a hand in a lot of different projects. Aside from being a successful rapper, 50 has made appearances in movies and TV shows, done video game voice overs and designed clothing, shoes, vitamin water drinks, condoms, energy drinks, and more, and also done work as a boxing promoter. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

But does 50 Cent really have enough pull to get a reality show off the air of one of the biggest networks, just because he didn’t like it? That’s what the rapper is claiming.

Angry exes

TLC recently aired the premiere of a show called “Starter Wives Confidential”, which is a reality show of sorts for scorned exes of celebrities. The women who appeared on the show were ex wives or ex girlfriends of such celebs as Lamar Odom, Floyd Mayweather, Funkmaster Flex, DMX, and more. Among the exes that were supposed to be starring in the show was a young lady named Shaniqua Tompkins, otherwise known as the mother of Fifty Cent’s baby.

However, Shaniqua never appeared on a single episode after the series premiere. The show was abruptly canceled after only two episodes, and the remaining episodes are going to be airing on TLC’s website later in the year. In an angry and condescending tweet from the rapper, Fifty Cent said : “The show was trash, angry ex girls that have a sense of entitlement that can’t be met. Come on, I didn’t like it so it’s off.” But, really, does he have that kind of power?

Cease and desist

The show faced the topic head-on in its premiere episode. Fifty’s ex, Shaniqua Tompkins, explained that she had been served with a Cease and Desist letter that made her unable to continue to participate in the show. Fifty Cent had sent the Cease and Desist order to her and TLC. That was the last episode of the show that she appeared on.

But is 50 Cent responsible for having the entire show canceled? The answer in short, no. A rep for TLC’s production team tells us that “50 Cent had nothing to do with the decision to cancel the show. It was entirely a network decision.” So, it remains to be seen when the remaining episodes will play out on the network’s website. And while we have confirmation that Fifty Cent was in fact responsible for getting his baby mama kicked off the show, it was not the influencing factor behind the cancellation of the show.

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