2nd Baby for Lori Wickelhaus of 16 & Pregnant

'16 & Pregnant' Star Lori Wickelhaus Welcomes Second Baby

Big News!

You might remember Lori Wickelhaus from MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Lori gave her baby, Aiden, up for adoption during the second season of the reality show, and the episode was one of the most heartbreaking ones we’ve ever seen! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It was right up there with Catelynn and Tyler giving up baby Carly! Well, happy news to report today! Lori, who is now engaged to Joey Amos, welcomed a baby girl named Rylynn Jo Amos on October 22!

Lori shared an adorable photo of herself, Rylynn and Joey straight from the hospital room, and the little family looks incredibly happy! Little Rylynn was a bit over six pounds, and around 19 inches long. She and mom are both doing great!

A Quiet Life

Since 16 and Pregnant, Lori has definitely been through some struggles. She has chosen to mostly keep her life private since appearing on the show, which is a big change from how some of the teen moms have chosen to live after becoming famous. She did appear on MTV’s Where Are They Now special, but did not appear on the Teen Mom Adoption Special. She has definitely been one of the quietest teen moms and seems to avoid the spotlight that some of the other moms seek out.

Ready For A Baby

Lori gave birth to baby Aiden way back in 2009 with her then-boyfriend Cory Haskett. Lori was adopted and really struggled with the decision to give her baby up for adoption as well. Cory did not support her decision, but her parents urged her to give adoption a chance.

Eventually, Lori placed Aiden in an open adoption and has been able to see him often and watch him grow up during this time. She has said that she does not speak to Aiden’s father Cory anymore, and she is not sure if he has seen Aiden at all since the adoption. It is nice to see that she is in a more stable place in her life and that she feels ready to be a mom again.

In A Good Place

It is very reassuring to see that Lori is in such a good place in her life now. She is very happy with her fiancée and new baby, and both she and her parents continue to have regular contact with Aiden. She is taking college classes at Cincinnati State and was previously working at a nursing home, before going on her maternity leave. We are very excited for Lori, Joey, and Rylynn as they begin this new chapter in their lives! Congratulations guys!

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