Early Signs of Pregnancy: 12 Pregnancy Symptoms

Last updated on May 22, 2012

by Lucy Eades

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Think you might be pregnant? Congratulations may be in order if you have any of the following 12 pregnancy symptoms.

The more pregnancy symptoms you experience, the more likelihood you’re pregnant. So let’s go over some of the most well-known pregnancy symptoms.

Cervical Mucus

More cervical mucus

An increase in cervical mucus happens when your uterus thickens. This can happen almost immediately.

Implantation bleeding

Implantation BleedingImplantation bleeding – For women who are in tune with their body, or they’re trying to conceive, this could be one of the first symptoms you may ever see. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here This can take place anywhere between 6 to 12 days past ovulation and usually you will experience a little spotting and then color of tan to light pink.

Missed Period

Missed period

Missed period – This is the most common sign for women everywhere.

Breast changes

Your breast may feel sore, tingly or tender and this can happen as early as 1 to 2 weeks after ovulation.

Fatigue and tiredness

This may happen as early as 1 week after ovulation and it’s usually as result of an increase hormone called progesterone that results in you feeling exhausted.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness can happen at anytime. Day or night, once a day or multiple times a day.

Food cravings and aversions

Along with morning sickness comes food cravings and aversions. You may find certain smells turn your stomach upside down and into knots while other times you’re craving a specific candy bar at 2am bugging your husband to go to a gas station. Not that I have ever done such a thing.

Headaches and back ache

You may experience anywhere from dull to chronic back ache as well as mild to moderate head aches all throughout your pregnancy. However a promise – it’s so worth it in the long run.

Frequent urination

At about 6-8 weeks after conception, you may find yourself making more and more chirps to the bathroom day and night.

Mood swings

Now this is the one that you find husbands talking the most about. Unfortunately, there’s an increase in our hormones almost like a flood if you will, that can leave us feeling a little bit all over the place and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with all these emotions.


There’s an increase in the hormone progesterone and it causes food to pass more slowly through our intestines which can result in constipation.


Now this is a symptom that the majority of us don’t expect but standing for long periods, standing up too quick, going up the stairs can make you feel a little woozy and lightheaded and that’s because of your uterus. As it swells, it compresses the arteries in your legs, dropping your blood pressure, causing you to feel a little woozy.

You may experience all the symptoms or you may experience some of the symptoms but don’t rely on just the pregnancy symptoms. Always go follow though with taking home pregnancy tests. Until next time ladies! See you later. Bye!
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Early Signs of Pregnancy: 12 Pregnancy Symptoms, 3.2 out of 5 based on 44 ratings

Lucy is a mother of three, who’s passionate about all things AP parenting. When she’s not busy giving tips on keeping babies healthy & happy, you can find her blogging on her popular YouTube channel


    i had sex with my hubby on this june 12th. Last month my period was started on may 16th. Actually my period should start on june 13th. But I have no periods. I also got lite pink coloured discharge. From 13th june i am having lower abdominal pain and back pain, headache, cant bend, feeling sleepy, my legs are in pain.I am not understanding what is happening to me. Please give a suggestion

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  • nina

    Hi me and my husband had sex on 31st of May and i started ovulating on 2nd of May.He did pulled out when he came. I have been having cramping from 10th of May until now. My periods are not due until 21st of May. I am having lower left pelvic pain,severe bloating,gassy and dizziness. Sometimes nausea too. Is it possible that i am pregnant.

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  • Bonnie

    I got my period Monday an I still have it I’m soooo scared an my Tommy look a Lil different

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  • Jonese Lemieux

    Yesterday I started what I think is my period, but it’s not the way it usually is. It’s light. It started 5 days after my supposed to be start date for my period. Could I be pregnant?

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  • Buffy

    I am 7 days away from my period, I had cramping last night but no bleeding and my cervix feels high and soft, the night before my cramping I had really bad diarrhea an now im constipated, when I checked my cervix it has some creamy white discharge, could these be signs of pregnancy? It’s driving me crazy

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    my periods has been stopped since 8 days. on that day i had sex with my hubby. suddenly bright red colour blood came out from vagina. from that day onwards bleeding was somewhat heavy and sometimes light. my breasts are becoming bigger and nipple area has become smooth. also i used to go frequent urination for few days but after bleeding starts although iam drinking more water iam not going to washroom frequently to pee. what does that mean? am i having miscarriage or iam pregnant? my blood is brown colour in the discharge. am i pregnant still?

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  • leanara

    just ovululated and i have been having sex with my boyfriend for the past 2 days i have been ovulating, what are my chances of getting pregnant and would i feel signs of pregnancy as soon as i concieve?

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  • Kiara Guillard

    I’ve been on depo on and off for about 9 yrs. Lately I been having morning sickness for 2 weeks now!! I’m throwing up everything I eat.. Everything stinks to me. My cycle still hasn’t came on yet. Took 4 test 2 where positive the other 2 was negative. Is it possible I’m pregnant??

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  • coraneika mays

    Me and my boyfriend had intercourse and for the first time in three years he did it…it was around the timemy cycle comes on but a week later it seems my cycle came on so is it possible that I’m not pregnant ? Ihave a child already but never did it around my cycle every month

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  • Louise parsons

    I had my period 20 days ago medium flow 3 days then last few spotting negative test result but woke up feeling sick and being sick everyday since period and back ache and cramps in tummy quite painful.

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  • zoe

    hello stupid question but I had pain in my eye last night for ages don’t know why and it was causing me that much pain it made me throw up th3 times and my period isn’t due for another day. what does that mean?

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  • Tyezesha Shuler

    Hi i would like to know if i have unprotected sex in my medium days of ovulation can i get pregnant? My cycle doesnt come on til next week but all of a sudden i use the bathroom n blood came out with a good bit of tissue. Could that be i concieved or had miscarriage?

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  • Tyezesha Shuler

    If tiday was my ovulation day but my period comes on but is a week early can i still get pregnant?

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  • Julia

    HI , I am 18 years old and have been in a relationship for 4 years . My boyfriend is 21 . August 1st I found out I was pregnant from 3 HPT , my boobs were sore (that’s the only Symptom I had) I followed up at the doctors and had a urine and blood test which showed 1-10 weeks pregnant. August 10th in the am I had bad cramping , followed by blood clots . I rushed to the hospital and later found out I had a miscarriage(my mother had 2 not sure if that’s genetic or not) . I took the needle June 2015 , only 1 injection . I haven’t had a period since March of this year(besides the bleeding when I miscarried) and i didn’t know how far along I was because I didn’t have a ultrasound . I also didn’t have a D&C . My levels were 1000 , went down to 700, and then to 500. I also didn’t have a checkup .. 4 days ago I woke with very very sore boobs , and white/clear discharge . Later that day , I had a horrible headache . Today , when I got home from work I noticed pinkish discharge . I get a bad heart burn (very bad when I burp) . I have a pain in my left side and sometimes around my stomach and lower abdomen area . My pee seems a little stronger.. I have been sexually active , I’ve also started the pill 6 days ago . I’m just wondering many things ; could I be pregnant ? Could i have side effects from my levels still going back to 0, could this be caused from not having a checkup or D&C .. Please help .

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  • Mrs. Onedge scared

    Hello, I had my period on October 2 and it usually last 7 days bUT it went off on the fourth day. Lately I have been feeling nauseous and everything I eat tastes funny so I end up not finishing it. My doctor appt was the 23 and I was tested and it was negative. I asked to be put on depo bUT the doctor said wait till my cycle starts next month. I’m still feelings sick mouth watering up and lots of spitting. Can I be pregnant or just sick.

    Mrs. Onedge Scared

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  • Yvonne

    Hi I had my period two weeks ago I toke a fertility pill called Fertipil Plus than i toke some ovulation tests and I testes positive but me and my bf had sex on the sunday 07-02-2017 and my ovulation test was positive on 09-02-2017.Could I be pregnant?

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