11 New Year’s Resolutions for the Fertility Challenged

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Most people realize that it is quite silly to make any kind of New Year’s resolution because even though they intend to keep it for the entire following year, they never do. By just a few days into the new year, their resolutions that they had made becomes quickly forgotten. But when you’re struggling to conceive, look toward these new years fertility resolutions to help you get along in the New Year. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, there are some instances where resolutions for the new year can easily be practiced not only for the new year but for every subsequent year as well. And, those who are struggling with infertility would benefit greatly if they were to keep these 11 resolutions:

Be Gentle With Yourself

This is really going to be the most challenging one for those struggling with infertility because it is extremely easy to blame yourself for doing something to cause you not to be able to conceive. You are likely blaming yourself for eating the wrong foods, being over or underweight, and any kind of bad deeds that you may have done to cause you to struggle with fertility.


You may even blame the struggles on past life karma. And then once you find out that your worst bully from high school already has 2 healthy kids while you have been trying for so long to have one – that is when you will start to shift your thinking how unfair life is and then it goes back to the ‘why me’ mentality. Regardless of how you are feeling, the most important thing is to be kind to yourself while acknowledging how you are feeling, but the challenge will be to stop blaming yourself for not being able to get pregnant.

Be Kind To Your Partner

You may have taken your frustrations over your fertility struggles on your partner, and the reason for that is it is easy to take things out on those who are the closest to us. And, it is safe because you know that your partner is not going anywhere. And, you may even play the blame game on your partner if he is the one who is infertile. In that case, you may be holding a grudge towards him for robbing you of your dream which is to get pregnant. You need to remember that your partner and you are struggling together, and you both need support. Remember this for the next time you have an urge to chew your partner out.


Treat Your Body Like A Temple

You may have given up on treating your body well because of the fact it has let you down. That said, you may be spending your days eating junk food and sitting on your sofa all day watching TV or surfing the net. However, just because you have not been able to get pregnant does not mean you should be treating your body badly. Stick to eating fertility-friendly foods, take those walks, get a facial, a massage, and enjoy having intimate time with your partner – regardless of the timing of your cycle. In other words, do it for fun!

Treat your body - new years fertility resolutions

Find A New Interest Or Hobby

Those who are struggling with infertility may be sticking to some kind of daily routine because of charting cycles and doing everything possible to increase your chances of getting pregnant. But sometimes it is not a bad thing to break a routine and look into finding a new interest or hobby to take your mind off of your struggles. Take up a craft, go dancing, learn a new language. Or find something else that you would enjoy doing to help distract you.

Stop Researching Things On Google

You may have been relying on Google to learn about how you can get pregnant quickly, and perhaps in your case, those tips may not be helpful. If you have been trying for a year without success, then it is time to see your doctor instead of relying on Google.



Take Good Care Of Your Mental Health

Your physical health may not be the best because you have given up, and the same applies to your mental health. Those who struggle from infertility are more likely to end up with major anxiety and depression. If you know your mental health is suffering due to not being able to conceive, then you must look into therapy. And, you may have to try out different therapists until you find one that you click with well.


It’s Okay To Grieve

The fact that you have not been able to get pregnant or stay pregnant is a huge loss you are experiencing. And, it is okay to grieve and realize that what you are dealing with is a loss. You may have imagined at this point in your life that you would not only be pregnant but have a baby in the picture, and none of that happened. Even though what you are experiencing is not the same as losing a loved one, you are still facing a loss, and allow yourself to grieve.grieve


Stop Judging Pregnant Women Or Other Moms

Because of the fact that you have not been blessed (so far) the same way these women are does not mean it is fair to judge them. It is understandable to be jealous, but if you see a pregnant woman who has hyperemesis gravidarum complaining online how sick she is if you tell her to stop complaining and to count her blessings, that will only anger her and make you look bad. The same applies to moms who are venting about how their kids are picky eaters. They have the right to vent about their situations the same way you have the right to vent about your infertility struggles.


It’s Okay To Say No

Even though it was just said to not judge other moms or pregnant women, if you are invited to a baby shower and attending will only make things more painful for you, then you can decline. And, if you don’t want to purchase any baby items, you can always send cash for a gift. And, you don’t have to do anything else that would make you feel uncomfortable or intensify your pain.


Share Your Journey

There are many others who are in your shoes, and those are the ones who will be the most supportive to you because they get it. And, you can start up a blog which will be about your infertility struggles. This is a great way to not only connect with those who are also struggling, but this will help bring out more awareness about infertility in general, and how it affects those who are facing it.


Don’t Give Up

There are plenty of couples who have been struggling with infertility for years until their miracle baby did arrive. The same can happen to you if you keep trying. But, again as mentioned before, if you have been at this for a year, you will need to look at having some fertility intervention by talking to your doctor. And, he or she will hook you up with a specialist. Good luck!

Now, even though new year’s resolutions for the most part are silly, these new years fertility resolutions are worth practicing all of the time! Good luck with everything and let’s hope you will end up with your miracle sooner than later!


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