11 Apps and Gadgets for Couples Trying to Conceive

11 Apps and Gadgets for Couples Trying to Conceive

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You probably have been reading up on the fertility diet and making some dietary and lifestyle changes in order to increase the odds of you becoming successful.

You probably have gotten rid of all of the booze in your home.

You are drinking a lot less coffee than you were before, and may have made the drastic switch to drinking only decaf!

You likely have told your partner to stop taking hot showers or baths and to ditch those briefs and tight-fitting jeans and to stick to wearing boxers and loose fitting pants- so that more good-quality swimmers are created!

You probably are well aware of how it is recommended to take your body basal temperature each morning and look for an increase in temperature so that you can get to know your cycles and know when you are ovulating.

You are probably getting to know the texture of your cervical mucus and what the fertile type looks like so you can act as soon as it appears. That is if you have an abundance of mucus that has the raw egg-white texture, that is when you have to act! That is an indication that you are ovulating.

However, if you are the type that is into technology and prefers to take advantage of the cool apps and gadgets around for pretty much anything, there is great news!

There are some amazing apps and gadgets to check out when you are trying to conceive which are available on both the iPhone and the Android. Some are free and some are not, and some have basic free features and these apps can offer you more if you decide to upgrade. Let’s check out these apps and see which ones you think you would want to use the most!



Conceivable is a popular fertility app that many couples take the best advantage of. In fact, this app is one of the most popular ones out there because it gives you all kinds of features that you can ever dream of whenever it comes to giving you help as far as trying to conceive. A fertility acupuncturist was the one who founded this app because she wanted to share her services with everyone at an affordable rate.


The reason that many couples love this app is that it has so many great features such as providing meal plans, drop-shipping supplements and advises on almost every part of health that could have an effect on pregnancy, based on cycle information that is ongoing.

Conceivable is free on iOS, but you can upgrade to the subscription which offers a service that provides supplements and personalized services for $99 a month.



This gadget is quite different and quite interesting really. OvaTemp is an app which allows a wireless oral basal thermometer called Oda to sync your temperature to your phone automatically so you do not need to write anything down! Having to take out the graph paper and pen after taking your temperature doesn’t sound like a big deal but this app gives you the opportunity to not have to worry about dealing with any of that.


Especially since even if you have your paper and pen ready to take down the temperature- but sometime overnight something had dropped on your nightstand and pushed the pen off, or the pen ended up dropping from the nightstand for other reasons. You do know that the one thing you cannot do before taking your temperature is to move around much. If you take your temperature and find that your pen is nowhere to be seen, then that would be a problem! This app takes that kind of problem away from you by providing you this kind of convenience of adding the temperature to your smartphone.

Some people also don’t care for excel and while you are graphing your temperatures it is always the best idea to record it in excel. Instead, you can have your temperatures recorded on your phone. The cost of OvaTemp is $75 and it sounds like an investment that is worth making!



This app may seem a bit overwhelming since you have the Ovagraph app, Ovacue monitor and new TempCue sensor involved in order for this app to work. However, this system is as high-tech as you can get because the TempCue sensor works with the Ovacue monitor that connects to your mobile device to help predict as well as confirm ovulation. It also helps identify the best time to conceive,  and this app is for women who have irregular cycles and PCOS because unlike many other apps around, this one is helpful to them.


The app is free itself and is available for iOS and Android, however the Ovacue monitor costs $199, and the TempCue sensor is $25 give or take. For women who have irregular cycles or PCOS that are attempting to conceive, this is an excellent investment.



The Bump has a new app called Shine, and it is there to help you either know how to use the rhythm method properly by helping you prevent a pregnancy from helping you increase the chances by knowing when the best time you are going to ovulate based on your cycle.


The Bump and their fertility experts created this app to help you know everything you need to know about your cycle so you can plan for a pregnancy, or prevent one from happening. There are also many helpful tips, articles, infographics, and other interactive features to help you during the planning process. The Shine is free on iOS.

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Glow is a great app which was released after the iOS9 update which means it has been around for a while, and it is still quite popular among couples who are trying to conceive. It is a fertility app which helps you track your cycle, and one of Glow’s latest updates allows the app to sync with Apple’s HealthKit and helps track male fertility as well.


The fact of the matter is that male fertility accounts for 40% of issues that can impede a couple’s ability to achieve a pregnancy. Therefore, if there is a way to help keep your man in charge of his health, while you are using Glow’s features to help keep your own health up to par, this app is great for both of you. Glow is free for iOS and for Android.


Kindara Wink

Kindara Wink is the brand new and super snazzy Wink thermometer. This is the first oral fertility thermometer built to sync with a proven app, which happens to be Kindara’s fertility tracker that is loved by so many couples who are trying to conceive.

Kindara Wink

This gadget is there to track your BBT, and it syncs automatically with the Kindara app so you are aware of when the best times in your cycle to take advantage of in order to increase your odds of getting pregnant. Wink costs around $129, however, you can look around on Amazon as there may be a better price. The app itself is free on iOS and Android.



Daysy is a personal fertility calculator that gives you an accuracy rate of around 99.3% of whether you are fertile or not given the time of your cycle. All you need to do is spend only 30 seconds a day with it, using it to take your temperature under your tongue. You also need to input your menstruation information and Daysy takes care of the rest. What the gadget does is calculate the data given by its proven algorithm and will give you your fertility status for the next day.


With Daysy, you no longer need to worry about purchasing ovulation prediction kits and the same goes for the other apps as well. However, Daysy is more expensive than most of the other apps and gadgets around as it costs roughly $375. However, it may be an investment worth making because if you are spending money on ovulation prediction kits each month for a year, you are saving by using Daysy instead.


Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is an app which can determine the best times for you to get pregnant by a thermometer, your mobile device, as well as optional ovulation test strips to measure the LH hormone the day before ovulation in order to confirm that. You can use this app to help prevent pregnancy as well by allowing it to determine when in your cycle it is safest to have intercourse without you worrying about conceiving.

Natural Cycles

Even though there is no real safe time to have sex without protection if you want to avoid pregnancy, this app can help you determine what day in your cycle is the safest and tells you how you use the rhythm method effectively. That is why there is both a planning mode as well as a prevention mode for pregnancy. All you have to do is turn the switch.

Natural Cycles is free for iOS and Android, however, there is an annual subscription for $69.90 which includes a basal thermometer.


Ava Women

Ava Women is a gadget which is used as a bracelet that is worn by women but only at nighttime. This gadget supposedly measures over 3 million data points through 9 body parameters in order to determine when you are most fertile.

Ava women

That means you no longer have to worry about taking your BBT, as well as checking your cervical mucus with this gadget if you find that tracking your cycle in those more traditional ways are too difficult and inconvenient. If that is the case, give Ava a try. However, it is not cheap as it costs around $249 and can be used on both iOS and Android.



Ovia is an easy tracker app which focuses on monitoring your cycle so you will know when your most fertile days are. However after you have successfully conceived, then this app has a pregnancy feature which will give you tips for managing your pregnancy. Ovia is free for both iOS and Android.




Clue is a fertility app whose algorithm calculates and predicts your cycle quite accurately. It can also make you aware of the best times for conception. This app will also let you know if your cycle is normal, and it gives you an idea of when to expect your period. This fertility app is one of several that syncs with Apple’s HealthKit in iOS. It is also free for both iOS and Android.

Even though there are a number of apps and gadgets that can help you determine when you are most fertile, it is still a good idea to track your cycles by using traditional methods. Especially by checking your cervical mucus texture or using easy-to-use ovulation predictor kits, which you can get 20 free with the ConceiveEasy TTC Kit offer above.

Clue fertilty app

Technology may be helpful but it is not perfect. And because it is always evolving and new apps and gadgets are being created all the time, things can go wrong and bugs do end up messing up the function. Therefore, you don’t want to be relying on an app which has bugs and as a result could be giving you the wrong information, only to find out later that you missed your fertile window because the app was not able to determine when it was.

Therefore, it is best to rely on traditional methods and you can most definitely use these apps for confirmation. But if your body is indicating that you are becoming fertile yet the apps are telling you otherwise, go with what you know and be sure to let the designer of the app or gadget know that something has gone faulty somewhere.

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