10 Pregnancy Tips to Make Life Easier

10 Pregnancy Tips to Make Life Easier

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If you just found out that you are pregnant, then you deserve a big congrats. You are going to be experiencing many emotions that range from elation to anxiety, to confusion. Not to mention, those unpleasant pregnancy symptoms will be coming your way if none of it has happened already such as morning sickness, fatigue, and general discomfort. But what are some pregnancy tips to make life more comfortable? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Either way, pregnancy can become difficult, especially during the first and third trimesters. In order to manage the symptoms and pregnancy in general, you will want to know about these hacks that will help you along the journey:

Do anything to make yourself comfortable

If you are not comfortable due to your pregnancy, then you will be miserable. This means if you must fulfill your craving at a certain time of day, then you need to do that. Even if that means you have to get your partner to get you a burrito from Taco Bell at 9 pm. Or, if you need to wear the same comfortable pants with the elastic waste day after day, then do it and don’t mind any judgment from others.

Have a snack in the middle of the night

One of the reasons that morning sickness can be quite problematic is because your blood sugar has dropped and that causes nausea. That means if you have a craving to have something to eat at 3 am, then go for it. Other factors such as the hormonal changes also play a role in pregnancy sickness, but if your blood sugar is at a good level because you had eaten – you won’t likely have it so bad.

Be sure to invest in that pregnancy pillow

You know that sleeping on your side is important while you are pregnant, but you need extra support around your body. A pregnancy pillow will allow you to sleep on your side comfortably while you have a pillow under your bump and another between your knees. The pregnancy pillow will take care of those needs. If you don’t want to get a pregnancy pillow, then you need to get extra pillows so you can place one under your bump, and the other in between your legs to maximize your comfort.


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Put a bra in the freezer

Yes, really! If you are heavily pregnant during the hot summer months, or if you live in a warm climate, then you are going to be so uncomfortably hot to the point that you will be sweating constantly. This is why you will need to have 2 bras accessible. Put the one that you are not wearing in the freezer, and put one on that has been in the freezer for a while. You will feel comfortably cool for some time. Once you start getting hot again, then swap the bras. Take off the bra you are wearing and put it in the freezer, and then take the bra from the freezer and put it on. Rinse and repeat as you need to when you need some cool comfort.

Get apple cider vinegar supplements

Apple cider vinegar is great for taming heartburn, and the good news is that you do not have to taste it going down. You can just take a supplement of it and that will help. You can start getting heartburn at anytime of the pregnancy, but towards the end it is mostly an issue with the baby pushing everything up as he or she grows.

Carry a prepared bag with you at all times

If you are in your first trimester, nausea can hit you at any time. This is why you will need to carry a bag with you that has ginger, crackers, a few bottles of water, and kleenexes so you are well prepared for when you start getting queasy. The water is important to bring at all times because you need to be well hydrated.


You are going to need plenty of help because you are going to be too tired to do everything. Are you too exhausted to go grocery shopping but you need to get some extra food? Then you have several options. If you have a good friend or family member that you can count on for help, then ask them to help you out with getting the groceries and give them the money to spend. If not, you can order groceries online as most major cities have grocery delivery services.

Buy extra olive oil

You are going to be getting some stretch marks, unfortunately, the further you are along in your pregnancy. Your skin is constantly stretching and rubbing olive oil on the affected areas will help reduce the appearance of the stretch marks. Additionally, it will also help reduce the itchiness that comes with it.

olive oil for pregnancy tips

Eat bananas especially in the later stages of the pregnancy

You will be getting leg cramps at the end of the second trimester and into your third. Bananas contain the potassium that you need that will help alleviate the pain that comes with the cramps. This is why it is important to include bananas in your diet, especially during the time when you are having difficult leg cramps.

Use a hairband for your jeans

You do not need to spend extra money on maternity jeans. All you need to do is use a hairband to fasten the fly on your jeans. This way, you can wear the same jeans you wore before you had gotten pregnant with this hack. This is a great hack to utilize in order to save money because maternity jeans, and clothing, in general, is expensive.

There are other cool pregnancy tips around that are not covered here which you will want to Google. But, these hacks should give you the best start for increasing your chances of having a much easier pregnancy than you would have otherwise without knowing about them! Good luck with everything!

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Dr. Christine Lee, MD | ConceiveEasy
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