When to Have Sex When Taking Clomid

on Nov 26, 2012

by Michelle Pearson

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When to Have Sex When Taking Clomid

Clomid is the most commonly prescribed fertility drug for women with ovulatory dysfunction. Find out when to have sex when taking Clomid to maximize your conception chances.

Clomid is the most popular and common fertility drug on the market today. It is usually very successful in inducing ovulation in most women and it usually doesn’t have many harsh side effects. For this reason, Clomid is usually the first course of treatment for fertility issues. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Timing sex with Clomid

While you are taking Clomid, you will have to have sex on certain days in order to get pregnant. Those days will either be predetermined by your doctor or you might have to figure them out on your own using an over the counter ovulation predictor kit.

When to take Clomid

Most doctors recommend starting Clomid on day five of your period. After that your doctor will most likely recommend getting an over the counter ovulation predictor kit so that you will know when you are ovulating or about to ovulate. When the ovulation predictor kit shows that you are ovulating, or about to ovulate, then you will know when you should have sex. The best time to have sex is probably one to two days before you ovulate, so that the sperm will be there to meet the egg when it is released. Your doctor can tell you what to look for on the ovulation predictor kit to tell when you are getting ready to ovulate. Another general rule of thumb is that ovulation occurs somewhere around five to ten days after you take the last pill.

Having sex every other day

Some doctors suggest that after your period ends, you should have sex every other day or every two days leading up to ovulation. This is so that you will have a steady supply of sperm going to the uterus, making it more likely for you to get pregnant. So, in other words, after you take the last Clomid pill, wait around five days. After the fifth day, begin having sex every other day, and continue that pattern for around a week or so. Of course, these rules are just generalizations, and there is no set in stone rules about when each particular woman should have sex when taking Clomid. Every woman’s body is different, and everyone will react differently to Clomid. Your doctor will be able to help you come up with a plan for when to have sex tailored to your particular case!

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When to Have Sex When Taking Clomid, 3.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

Michelle is a busy mother to 2 boys and a prolific vlogger on subjects ranging from practical how-to tips for moms to chronicling her own pregnancy week-by-week on her popular YouTube channel ImaMommyof1.

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  • brezziMom

    i’ve been trying to get pregnant for almost 6 years but i’m already 36…I’d like to try the Fertibella but how can I avail it. Where can I buy it here in the Philippines? please help..

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  • Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD

    Given that Fertibella ConceiveEasy can be purchased by residents outside the US, you can avail Fertibella ConceiveEasy exclusively online or by telephone at (888) 363-9222. However; the ConceiveEasy TTC kit risk-free trial is only available to residents in the United States at this time.

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  • BabyLuv32

    I just finished my last pill of clomid 3 days ago , I did take a opk today and it was +OPK did I chek to early is this good ?

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  • Sani

    dear Dr. i’v been TTC for last 11 months but i m not success i m 36 n my hubby 38 i was regular period 28days cycle but last month i’d been late after 33 days my period started i m never used any medicine im so hurt last month i m also shocked why i m late can it effect on concieving ?

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  • Blessed

    Is clomiphene the same like this pills? And are they safe? I been trying to get pregnant for 2 years and I started going to the doctor but it seem like I’m not getting the help I need and we really want a baby! They been giving me pills name clomiphene but the 50g didn’t work and the 100 didn’t work either! So what you think I should do?

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  • Jenny

    Hi im startting clomid tomorrow but not certain when we should start having sex,?

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  • Alyson

    I just took my last dose of my second round of Clomid 100mgs day 5-9 i am a little confused on when to start trying or how many days after i taking the last dose clomid im i most fertile iam a29 yr old mother of 2 boys ages 10 & 7 and im struggling with my pcos diagnosis how is it possible i was able to have to beautiful babys at 18 and 21 but now that im married n a lil more older n wiser and settled this is happening last round my Day 21 progestrone level was .05 Any info or help or being sent in the right direction would be oh so helpful in this emotionally draining process

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  • always carefull

    hi you should not take chlomid without consulting your obgyn after the dose of chlomid for 5 consecutive days you need to wait a week and theres and injection ovitrelle you hav to take so that the eggs will release and you doctor will tell u when to take injection he will first do an ultrasound to determine whether the eggs are ripe, thereafter he will tell you exactly when the eggs will be released and on which days you should be active, do not take meds on your own always consult a doctor and theres also a daily does of oestrogen pills you need to take to thicken ur uterus lining as chlomid develops eggs but thins the lining of the womb there are many factors that need to be considered when starting fertilization meds, discuss with your doctor first.

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  • TTC

    My dr had my progesterone tested on day of ovulation – 2.5. Then on 5DPO – 18.4. He said if I am not pregnant, he wants to start me on clomid, as the progesterone is to low. For what I can gather, that is high enough. Is it necessary to start on clomid?

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  • pat helen

    When is the best time to use clomid

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  • Anxious

    Hi! I have been TTC for over 2 years and have just finished my first cycle of Clomid this month. I took it on days 5-9, which was the 9th-13th. I used the opk’s up through the 23rd (stopped only because I ran out, and understood ovulation was to occur generally between the 5th and 10th days after last dose). Ultimately, I didn’t have a positive kit result at all, but assumed that maybe I missed the window because I only tested twice a day over a couple of days, and in the past I’ve had very short windows where the hormones show up (using the opk’s). I’m wondering if its at all possible to ovulate much later during one’s cycle on clomid? I typically ovulate between the 11th and 13th day of my 28-day cycle. I’m wondering because I’ve been super dry-no detectable cervical mucus until a couple of days ago, and today (Feb 28th) was the first day it was very slippery/eggwhite consistency (sorry about possible TMI!). The last time we tried was on Sunday (the 23rd, and 10th day after finishing Clomid). Now I’m wondering if its at all possible to be just ovulating now, with the husband gone all day?! Ugh…so anxious!

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  • gina

    how often should I have intercourse when on Clomid?

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  • red rose

    ive been taking clomid for 5 days starting on the 3rd day of my mesntration and have sex during my 8th,12th and 15th day will i possible get pregnant?

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  • richa

    I took my 3rd clomid tablet and my periods are low near to stop . What can I do

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  • Kris

    I started taking clomid on the 3rd day on my period my cycle came on the 1st of July so when do I start having sex

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