Shakira Says She Would Love to Have Eight or Nine Kids

on Mar 19, 2014

by Dr. Christine Lee, MD

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Shakira Says She Would Love to Have Eight or Nine Kids

The beautiful Colombian songstress revealed that she would probably be pregnant again already if it weren't for her crazy work schedule!

Ready to go

She’s not wasting any time! Only 14 months after giving birth to baby Milan, Shakira recently revealed that she would love to have eight or nine kids with her hunky soccer squeeze, Gerard Pique! And she’s not kidding either! The beautiful Colombian songstress revealed that she would probably be pregnant again already if it weren’t for her crazy work schedule!

“If it weren’t because of my music projects, I would be pregnant already. I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard — my own futbol team.”

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A changed woman

Shakira also acknowledges in the April 2014 issue of Latina Magazine that giving birth and becoming a mom has really changed the way she thinks about life. She’s absolutely in love with her baby, but she is also struggling with mommy guilt that many of us deal with on a daily basis!

“I used to go in circles around an idea, but since he arrived, I don’t have much time — I have to rush back home — so he has helped me learn how to focus,” she explains.

It’s so nice to see a celebrity go through the same struggles as the rest of us!

Finding true love

Becoming a mommy has also brought Shakira closer to her partner, hunky soccer star Gerard Pique. The couple has been together for close to four years now, and they are a match made in heaven!

“He’s with me because he wants to be with Shakira the person, not the celebrity,” she says. “There’s real love, there’s no ulterior motives. And I’m with him because he’s the most amazing man I’ve ever met. We want the same things, we like the same things, we hate the same things. I have never been with someone so passionate in my life.”

How sweet! We definitely think these two are the perfect couple!

Connecting with fans

Shakira also revealed to the magazine that becoming a mommy has really changed the way that she connects with her fans.

“When you have a baby, when you feel his love, you feel so at peace with the world. You just want to share the good news and share how happy you feel,” she tells Latina. “I have so many people out there that celebrate with me when they know that I’m happy. And they hate it when they know that I’m suffering because someone has hurt me. In a way I feel supported and, in a very strange way, accompanied through life. They express so much love for Milan, so much affection. I can only hope that as he grows up he learns how to give that love back to all of those people that give him so much every day.”

How sweet! We love to hear real heartfelt emotions from celebrities and it’s clear to see that Shakira really cares about her fans! We can’t wait to see if she really does end up having her own “futbol” team with Gerard!

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Shakira Says She Would Love to Have Eight or Nine Kids, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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