Obgyn Most Recommended Over the Counter Fertility Pills

on Sep 13, 2012

by Monica Scott

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Obgyn Most Recommended Over The Counter Fertility Pills

If you are looking for over the counter fertility pills, try these obgyn most recommended choices to help you boost your fertility and get pregnant faster.

Which are the Obgyn most recommended over the counter fertility pills that help women conquer unexplained infertility disorders? Which pills and vitamins help them get pregnant quickly and naturally, boost their body’s fertility levels and stimulate ovulation? Here are the three most recommended over the counter remedies for infertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Red Raspberry Leaf

Either in tablet form or brewed as tea, red raspberry leaf can be bought in health food stores. It is stated to have a gentle influence on the female reproductive system, toning the uterus in order to regain its optimal condition. It strengthens the uterus and reduces the extra bleeding, thus being recommended for recurrent miscarriages. Red raspberry leaf improves egg’s health and treats the uterus in recovering after disorders such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.

Evening Primrose Oil

This is another herbal remedy which can be found in capsule form in your local health food store. Shortened EPO, it enhances the quality of cervical mucus to help the sperm more easily reach the egg. With the help of EPO, spermatozoon can stay alive for up to five days and, so, the chances of pregnancy increase. It must be taken only until the ovulation time, afterwards it is not indicated, since it has some negative effects in the case of a pregnancy.


These pills are a non-prescription option which is a monthly reproductive support system, currently with 12 different blends available. Indicated by the number on the bottle, you begin with a 60-day supply divided between Month 1 and Month 2. Packaged together as a Trying to Conceive (TTC) Starter Kit and includes pregnancy and ovulation tests for regular checks. With Fertibella ConceiveEasy, you can track your monthly cycle also with its included BBT thermometer and maybe one test will finally prove positive. The main advantage of these pills is that they restore a regular cycle, dysfunctional due to natural causes, lifestyle and stress. In order to get pregnant you have to know exactly when you’re ovulating, so having a predictable and regular cycle is vital.

The other advantage of ConceiveEasy is that they take care of your mucus levels, which troubles many women. In some cases, pregnancy is delayed by an inadequate amount of cervical mucus. It also regulates hormone levels, keeping them balanced and making sure they can produce a mature egg at time of ovulation, ready to develop into a healthy embryo. There is no pregnancy without ovulation and ConceiveEasy stimulates it, even in women who have been lacking it for months.

The bottom line

If you wonder which are the Obgyn most recommended over the counter fertility pills, you should consider one of these three treatments. Although there are no pills that can guarantee certain pregnancy, they do help your body get primed increasing the chances of having a baby. You have nothing to lose by taking them, since they improve your general health condition as well. And remember, every little bit is a step forward in achieving the most wanted healthy pregnancy.

ConceiveEasy TTC Kit + 20 FREE Pregnancy Tests

ConceiveEasy® TTC Kit™ is the most complete fertility system available over the counter. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer!

Obgyn Most Recommended Over the Counter Fertility Pills, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Ms. Scott joined ConceiveEasy after working in prenatal obstetrical care for two years in a private practice before being promoted to Director of Nursing. She has a strong interest in women's health with an emphasis on promoting fertility awareness.

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  • HeyHannah

     I am so happy I gave this product a try after being slightly apprehensive. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and loving every minute of it. My problem was irregular cycles and ConceiveEasy made them regular again within the first 2 months. By month 3 i conceived. everything they said they delivered on. I wish I would have found out about it sooner.

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  • babykitty5

    Im wondering can u buy this pill at stores?
    Im 21 and i am 5’7” i weigh bout 298lbs. Ive had a ovulation problem for a long time i had the issue even when i 15 i weighed 180lbs then. My mother had ovulating issues too she told me it took her 3years to get pregnant with me. Ive been with my bf for 5months i stopped taken my birth control bout 4 1/2 months ago we are tryin to have a kid. Im on a diet and i exersice what more can i do? Please help me.

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  • Dr. Christine Lee, MD

    Fertibella ConceiveEasy is available for purchase online through the ConceiveEasy homepage or thru phone by dialing 1-888-363-9222 to contact our customer service. Getting to a healthy weight and body mass index (BMI) is one way to go to help improve one’s fertility, which is good that you have already started working on it. You also need to be aware that it will generally take time to get pregnant after stopping birth control pills. Though the time period usually takes a couple of weeks to 3 months, there have been cases where it took more than a year for some women to conceive. It all depends on how fast your body reacts and adjusts to the cessation of birth control. Consulting your doctor will help you have a better insight of your current condition and would be a good opportunity for you to discuss and explore your options for fertility.

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  • daisy

    Help what do i need to do ive had 7 miscarriages

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  • Zaida

    hii~ i really want to concieve twins or triplets and my cutie and me picked out march or april to start because hes having surgery after so we wont be able to have more and i want to have more than one bundle of joy <3 what are good medications (that are baby healthy) or natural remedies we can try?

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  • Diamond

    If I have been off depo for months will this help me any because me and my husband want a child.

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  • Christy Bullock

    My husband and I are trying for to conceive however I had an iud for 5 years and now my periods are even more irregular than they used to be. Ever since I got my iud out I have not been able to get pregnant. Any suggestions on what I can do?? We are both almost 30 and want to have another baby before we get much older. HELP!!!

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  • Jasmin

    I try the Conceive Easy pills they really work. I’m now 6 weeks 2days pregnant after trying for 3 years. I’m really impressed and very excited. To the ones that have doubt please give a try. I had doubts before as well and now I’m living proof.

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  • Ash

    I have a few questions if someone can please answer them for me

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  • aleialyn hernandez

    i try to order but cant ship to philippines .. any other way?thankyou

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  • Tamika R

    If you are on blood thinners can this still be used? And is it safe to use while on blood thinners and does it cause you to get a period?

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