No Period and Not Pregnant?

on Nov 11, 2012

by Dr. Christine Lee, MD

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No Period and Not Pregnant?

No period and not pregnant? Find out why you may have a missed period but the pregnancy test is still coming back negative.

If your monthly period is two weeks late, it is natural to suspect pregnancy and take a pregnancy test. And if they turn out to be negative, you should find out the causes of the missing cycle. Many reasons can lie behind the missing period, including stress and excessive exercise. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Your menstrual cycle

The monthly egg, released by the ovaries, waits for fertilization and, if this doesn’t happen, it gets released when menstruation starts. So, if the ovaries don’t release eggs the way they should, the uterus will not know to start the period. There are cases in which women have to take birth control pills to assist the communication between the ovaries and the uterus to regulate their periods. If missing more than three periods in a row and still not pregnant, you should have a thorough evaluation to find out what’s wrong.

Thyroid problems

The thyroid gland is in charge of your body’s metabolism and if it isn’t working properly, it can affect your periods. If the lack of monthly cycles is associated with symptoms such as extreme tiredness, weight gain, hair loss and a constant feeling of coldness when everyone around is feeling comfortable, it is almost sure the thyroid gland is having some problems. Do a simple blood test to determine the thyroidal activity and adjust it with medication.

Too much prolactin

The hormone prolactin is produced by your brain, and if abnormally released it can affect women’s periods. Since woman’s body produces prolactin while breastfeeding and thus missing menstruation when she’s nursing, if it is the case, you will notice a slight milky discharge from the nipples. This disorder can be treated with medication.

What is amenorrhea?

Amenorrhea means the absence of regular periods. If you are aware you have it and have had unprotected intercourse, you should determine whether you are pregnant since there won’t be a missed period to help you figure it out. The easiest way of diagnosing a pregnancy is with the help of a pregnancy test, in urine or blood. A positive pregnancy test confirms the presence of the hormone hCG and that you are pregnant. A negative pregnancy test, after lacking periods, shows there is no hCG in your body and is usually certain that you are not pregnant.

Therefore, as you can see, there is the possibility to have absence of menstruation and not be pregnant, but luckily there are ways to identify and treat these problems when they occur.

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No Period and Not Pregnant?, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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Dr. Christine Lee earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and Master of Science in Biomolecular Organization. Dr. Lee is Lab Director for ConceiveEasy and is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD).

  • sweetroll

    Hi my name Is Bilma me and my husband have been trying to consive for the last 2 years and nothing. I have never been pregnet and my period seems to be long not heavy. I don’t know What can be wrong What should I do or What kind of test should I get done?

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  • Monica Scott, RN

    Knowing that you have been trying to conceive for more than 12 months already, you are most likely experiencing infertility issues. You should try to see your doctor to have a preconception check-up; in this way your doctor can run medical tests that can assess both yours and your husband’s fertility, and determine your likelihood of getting pregnant.

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  • Angela

    I really hope you can help me. I accidentally took 3 pills in my very first week of Month 1. After that week, I realized what I did wrong and took 1 pill a day. I finished month 1 and am in the middle of month 2. I was wondering if I messed it up by doing that. I know that if you take an excess of vitamins, your body doesn’t absorb all of it and pees it out, so I’m not sure if that happened to me or not. I haven’t had a normal 5 day period since April 9th. All pregnancy tests have been negative. Should I just continue where I am and start month 3, or start from the beginning at month 1? I just want it to be effective and do it right. Since I took so many on week 1, I am going to have to wait like 2 weeks until I receive my month 3. I am just so confused.. I hope you can help me! Thanks!

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  • Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD

    Knowing that you may begin taking Fertibelle ConceiveEasy right away at anytime during your cycle, it is best that you continue taking them and there is no need for you to start taking from the beginning. Aside from taking Fertibella ConceiveEasy supplements, it is important that you avoid stress, maintain a healthy weight and regularly track your cycles.

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  • LaLa13

    I just recently missed my third period in a row. The last day of my most recent period was on June 29th. It is now October 1st and still no sign of a period. It’s absolutely possible that I could be pregnant. However, I’ve had multiple negative urine tests and one negative blood test in August. I’ve never missed a period in my life. I’m 27 and went off of birth control 9 months ago. The area below my belly is protruding out a bit. Despite all of my negative pregnancy tests, is it still possible? Or does it sound like something else is up? I’m certainly not obsessing over it. There are weeks where I try not to think about it, and I’ll drink beer or wine and then I’ll feel guilty if I do. I’ve been waiting for months for my gyno appt. Can’t come soon enough! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

    Yes, it is best that you consult your gyno and have further tests done as there are reasons why you are missing your periods but are not pregnant. You may be having a hormonal imbalance and need to get a hormonal treatment. In the meantime, you may refrain from drinking alcohol just to be certain.

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  • guest

    I am almost a week late for my period. I have always had it like clockwork so it been late is weird. Can these pills cause me not to have a period? All my pregnancy test have been negative. somebody please answer me

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