Increase Sperm Motility

on Sep 05, 2012

by Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

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Increase Sperm Motility

If you are suffering from low sperm motility, you will find a number of natural ways to increase sperm motility as well as various fertility treatment options.

In order to increase the sperm’s quality and, therefore, the possibilities to conceive, it is essential for men to increase sperm motility. The quality of the sperm is given by a series of features, such as its count, morphology (shape), production and motility. Sperm motility describes the way that a man’s sperm is able to cross the reproductive tract, swim forward through the vagina, past the woman’s cervix and get to the fallopian tubes. The motility of the sperm is measured in terms of a percentage, and it represents that percentage of sperm which is moving forward correctly. In order to expect a good result, this percentage should not be lower than 50%. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

5 factors that lead to low sperm motility:

Avoid heat

Extreme heat on the testicles leads to low sperm motility as it slows the sperm’s motility. So for this reason, physicians recommend men who are trying to get their partners pregnant to wear light, comfortable underwear and avoid hot baths and saunas.

Too much sex

Prolonged sexual activity can reduce sperm motility. In this case, sperm’s motility will constantly decrease. It is best to save up the sperm every 2-3 days at least to ensure the best potency when it comes to intercourse (except in the case of your 2-4 day fertile window, whereby daily intercourse is good to catch the egg). Too frequent sex depletes the sperm and lowers count and motility.

Heavy metals

Heavy metals can also cause an irreversible damage to the quality of the sperm. Detoxifying your body of heavy metals can be done by avoiding iodized salt, sea fish, as well as organic foods (as organic farms use manure as fertilizer which can lead to heavy metal build-up). Drinking distilled water is also great as it has little mineral content.

Vitamin & mineral deficiency

Deficiency in certain vitamins or minerals can lead to lower sperm motility. There are certain vitamins and minerals with essential role in sperm motility. For example, a deficiency in zinc, selenium, vitamin B-12, folate and antioxidants have a negative impact on the quality of men’s sperm.


Stress and unhealthy lifestyle in general, also represent major obstacles for those who are willing to increase the motility of the sperm.

Here a number of possible treatments:

Consume the right nutrients

They can be found in our daily food, or can be consumed alone, as pills. For example, zinc can be found in foods such as chicken, beef, shellfish or dairy products. The most important antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A are found in broccoli, red peppers, spinach, sweet potatoes green tea, blueberries, and, of course, citruses. Coenzyme Q10, selenium and vitamin B-12 are directly related to sperm motility. Therefore, a daily treatment based Coenzyme Q10, Selenium and Vitamin B-12 will help boost sperm motility. Also, L-Carnitine and acetyl-L-Carnitine are believed to increase the motility of sperm, by helping the transformation of fatty acids into energy.


Unfortunately, low sperm motility can be a pretty severe problem, and sometimes the only solution might be IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injections). However, any treatment meant to increase sperm motility is worth it, because nothing compares to the possibility of conceiving a baby.

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Increase Sperm Motility, 2.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

Dr. Renee Hanton is ConceiveEasy's Senior Physician with expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Dr. Hanton specializes in the endocrine causes of infertility, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

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  • Monica Scott, RN

    When less than 50% sperms are motile then this condition is called oligoasthenia. When motility is less then chances of spontaneous pregnancy decreases. But, factors including the duration of infertility, the frequency and timing of intercourse, and the age and health of both partner are all important factors in the equation. Most doctors recommend semen analysis as an important part of an infertility evaluation. Once the causes of low sperm motility are found and detected then within three months of treatment; sperm motility & motility becomes normal in more than 90% cases. There are several potential medical
    options that can improve sperm motility in some men. If the low motility is caused by a hormone deficiency, testosterone supplements may be prescribed. L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine are also thought to impact sperm motility, and taking protein supplements can improve motility for some men.

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  • Jovita Ndukwe

    I have 2 children already and finding it very hard to get the 3rd one. My first child is 7yrs, 2nd is 3yr. I have done several sperm analysis and my count is upto 100million. 20% are sluggish, 0% active and 80% immotile (dead). What can I do to improve the motility of the 20% and reduce the number of the dead cells

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  • Pawerhouse

    Some one with 5 percent active motile of sperm and 15 percent sluggish and 80percent non motile what is the implication.

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  • arshad

    my sperm motality is 0% and i am going through a fertility treatment… just wanted to know what are my chances for this treatment.. i am just taking medices… what diet shoukd i maintain

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  • Adam

    hi i have just got my fertility results back,my motility was 12%,does mean that it will bepossible for my wife and me to have children.

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  • Ina

    my husband’s sperm motility is 70%, 0% active and 20% dead. all this was caused by testicular varicose. what are our possibilities to become parents? my husband is 34 and i’m 30. we don’t drink, we smoke up to 4-5 cigarettes a day

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  • Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

     Before trying to get pregnant, it is best to avoid tobacco as it can affect your fertility as well as the health of your baby. According to the World Health Organization, normal sperm count should be at 20 million per ml and should have 70% motility. What your husband can do to improve his sperm quality is to avoid stress, tobacco and excessive alcohol and to eat more organic food and avoid the processed ones and exercise regularly.

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  • vipin

    How to improve from the low motility? Please suggest some quick measures for that?

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  • S Zain48

    my sperm count iz too low

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  • Guly

    hi im 38 0ld i have 3 dother small is 4 eyars.now i wont boy but my husband have problems low sperm.he is also 38 old.semen analyses is volume 2ml.viscocity normal thick viscous.alkaline[ph-7.7]total sperm count 72 millions.actively motile 10   >60%.  sluggishly motily 40. non motily 50.pus cells 3-4/hpf.d some doctar say can com baby some doctar say baby not coming specialy boy.pls give advois ans some treatment.thanks

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  • Winnileo

    are there natural ways to clean the fallopian tube

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  • variya ajay

    hello mam

    i 28 /m i want to information regarding to how much increase the semen quantity ???

    daily sex can reduce the quantity of semen?

    please help me

    waiting for your reply

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  • bukiska

    This is my husband’s sperm analysis test result: Motility; rapid progressive 30%, Non progressive 15%, slow progressive 50%, Immotility 5% then under Morphology: Normal cells 30%, Abnorml cells(BN) 30% (DH) 30% (RH) 10%. SlightlyViscous, PH 9.0, WBC 4.5. Above all he has poor motility/production. Pls what are our chances of having a baby?

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  • Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

    Five factors that lead to low sperm motility and should avoid: avoid heat, too much sex, heavy metals, vitamin & mineral deficiency and stress. Possible treatments are: consume the right nutrients, foods rich in zinc, vitamin A and C, antioxidants. Coenzyme Q10, Selenium and Vitamin B-12 will help boost sperm motility. Also, L-Carnitine and acetyl-L-Carnitine are believed to increase the motility of sperm, by helping the transformation of fatty acids into energy.

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  • Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD

    Yes, there is a possibility for you to get pregnant however; there is a least chance since you have a low sperm motility of 12%. You should try to improve your diet, exercise regularly, reduce chemical exposure, take nutritional supplements and improve your sperm count to help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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  • Surya

    I got married by Feb 2013 but still my wife din get conceive.Hence i went for an Semen analysis in that my sperm count report was 50 million/ml and my motility was 35% and immotility was 65%.In the motility W.H.O,
    1.Rapid Linear progressive – 2%
    2.Sluggish Linear Progressive – 13%
    3.Non Progressive – 20%
    4.Non Motile – 65%

    1.Due to this i may affect by getting a child
    2.Why my motility is low in rapid Linear progressive.
    3.What should i do to increase my motility.

    Please reply

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  • Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD

    Yes, I do recommend that you try hormone cleansing therapies to naturally restore your Fallopian tube. Though this particular therapy can not guarantee you in fully removing the blockages inside your Fallopian tubes, hormone cleansing therapies can help eliminate unnecessary microbes that are found inside your reproductive tract.

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  • Madhuri

    hi! my husband is 30 years old, his sperm count was 45 millions now after homeopathy treatment it is 60 millions and his motility is 2% only, please suggest possibilities for have children for us…..

    Please reply…madhuri

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  • Madhuri

    hi! y husband’s sperm count was 45 millions and after homeopathy treatment it is now 60 millions but motility is 2% can i get pregnancy

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  • Monica Scott, RN

    Knowing that your husband has low sperm motility, there is without a doubt that getting pregnant can be quite difficult for you. I do suggest that your husband should avoid using lubricants during sexual intercourse, keep his scrotal temperature cool and avoid prolonged sexual intercourse. It is also quite important that your husband should quit his unwanted habits such as smoking and drinking, given that alcohol is one factor that can greatly decrease one’s sperm motility.

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  • yunas ali

    hi my sperm count is 70million active sperm is 30% slow prograsive 10% non motile is 60%. so can i get a baby according this report.

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  • Anki

    Hi Mam,

    My Sperm Count 40 mill/ml, Volume – 2 ml, gap between last intercourse and testing – 2.5 days, Liquidation time – 20 minutes, Motility – 10 %, Morphology – Head 10%, Tail – 2 %, Body – 88 %

    Pls advise

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  • MD

    Duration of Abstinence(days) . 3 – 7 Days
    Liquefaction Time 30mins 7.2[5 - 8]
    Fructose . Positive
    Rapid Progression 15% >=25 %
    Slow progression 20% >= 25 %
    Non-progressive Motility 15%
    Immotile 50%
    Total Motile Sperms/ejaculate 30% 40 (38 – 42) %
    Sperm Count 59millions/mL 15 (12 – 16) – million/mL
    Sperm Count(million/ejaculate) 88.5millions 39 – millions (33 – 46
    Normal 50% >30 %
    Abnormal 50%
    OTHERS .
    Eosin Test (% unstained cells) . >= 75 %
    Leucocytes 4-6 Negative
    Round Cells 2-4 < 7 /HPF

    Kindly advice

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  • MD

    Volume 1.5mL 1.5 ml (1.4 – 1.7)
    Viscosity Normal Normal
    Colour Greyish White
    pH 7.5
    Fructose . Positive
    Rapid Progression 15%
    Slow progression 20%
    Non-progressive Motility 15%
    Immotile 50%
    Total Motile Sperms/ejaculate 30%
    Sperm Count 59millions/mL
    Sperm Count(million/ejaculate) 88.5millions
    Normal 50%
    Abnormal 50%
    OTHERS .
    Eosin Test (% unstained cells)
    Leucocytes 4-6 Negative
    Round Cells 2-4

    Kindly find the report and advice.

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  • Susu

    Dear doctor,
    My husband recently did a sperm count and these were his results:
    Liquification: 15 min
    Ph: 9
    Color: normal
    Sperm count: 36 mill
    Total sperm: 180 mill/vol

    Rapid: 10%
    Non rapid: 10%
    Nonprogressive: 15%
    Immotile: 65%

    On a side note, my husband is healthy and fit and went through a varcocile surgery 4 months ago and his sperm count went up from 1 mill to 36 mill.
    I would like to know with these recent results would it be able for us to conceive naturally.
    Thank you

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  • Pradee

    Name : Mr.Pradeep
    Gender/Age : Male/28yrs

    Liquefaction Time : > 60 Minutes 15-60 Minutes
    Appearance : Gray Opaque Gray Opaque
    Volume : 2.0 ml 1.5-5.0 ml
    Viscosity : Increased
    Reaction : Alkaline Alkaline
    Sperm Concentration : 32 mil/ml > 15 mil/ml
    Total Sperm ejaculation : 64 mil/ejaculate > 39 mil/ejaculate
    Agglutination : Absent
    Clumping : Absent
    Sperm Motility
    Progressive motile : 50 % > 32 %
    Non Progressive motile : 32 %
    Progressive+Non Progressive : 82 % > 40 %
    Immotile : 18 %
    Sperm Morphology
    Normal Form : 15 % > 4 %
    Head Defect : 25 %
    Neck and midpiece defect : 23 %
    Tail defect : 26 %
    Cytoplasmic droplets : 11
    Cellular Elements
    Pus Cells 2-3 /HPF
    Lab no : 1301938 Reported On : 09-Oct-2013
    Name : Mr.Pradeep Refered By :
    Gender/Age : Male/28yrs Hospital : 10
    Lab Technologist Pathologist
    Ramesh Babu K Dr Sujatha R. MD
    DMLT ,BSc MLT Consultant Pathologistt
    KMC No. 63983
    RBC’s Absent
    Epithelial cells Absent
    **** END Of Report *****

    Please sugest anaysing the report above.
    I am totally worried.

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  • aff

    hi mam

    i get married FEB 2012 and i am trying for a baby.my age is 27 and husband is 29
    my husbands report is very depressing
    sperm count 9.4ml
    his Motility is 1%
    non-progressive is 7%
    immotile is 8%
    imotile 84%
    morphology 1%
    we don’t drink,and we dont smoke smoke .how should he improve his sperm count to help improve our chances of getting pregnant.??? please reply i am very worried

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  • Gull Khan

    Gull Khan
    my sperm count 3 millions, Normal – % , Abnormal 100%, Pus Cells 8-10 / HPF, what can i do that my sperm count increase and Normal create. I am worried about this matter. My age 30 years.

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  • Chad David

    I am 40, my wife is 28. I have three children from a previous marriage, and my wife has none. I had a vasectomy in 2001, and a vasectomy reversal back in May. I had a fertility test done, and my sperm count was 6 million (ish) and a motility rate of 11%. What can I/we do to increase the odds (in addition to what is listed above?)

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  • raghu

    mam how 2 increase motility dr says i have 8% motility so plz advise 2 increase motility

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  • avi

    My semen analysis report is
    Voloume 3.0ml
    colour opaque grey
    sperm count 50 mil/ml
    Active 40%
    Sluggish 10%

    Dead 50%
    Pus cells 15-20
    How is report

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  • SK

    hi mam,
    i have a 4yr old child and my wife abort the child when she conceived second time but now we are seriously trying for the New Baby but its not work it out.i have type 2 diabetes..
    i am in diet following medicines,so that diabetes is in control now….please guide us
    my semen analysis result:
    TOTAL SPERM COUNT – 55Millions/ml
    VOLUME – 2.0ml
    MOTILITY -1 Hr:
    ACTIVE – 50%
    SLUGGISH – 20%
    DEAD – 30%

    MOTILITY – 2 Hr
    ACTIVE – 35%
    SLUGGISH -15%
    DEAD – 50%
    PUS CELLS – 2-3/hpf

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  • Sudhanshu Tyagi

    I would appreciate if any of the doctors bring an insight on the results of my semen analysis conducted today.

    I have checked the information across the internet and everything seems to be normal so far (Sperm count-70mil/ml, Volume-2ml, Color-grey white, PH-7.2, Morphology-normal90 abnormal10, Liquefaction-30 minutes). I am just confused with this motility thing.

    Test results are as follows-

    Active: 40
    Non-Motive: 40
    Pus cells- 8-10

    Please let me know what are the chances of fertility. If none, pls suggest the way forward as my wife is quite depressed and i want her to conceive a baby as soon as possible. That’s my last resort to bring her back to happiness.

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  • Abdul Aziz

    hi my sperm is very low 16/ pliz say how improve

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  • sonu jha

    I am 27 years old and got married before 2 years. now we want to have a baby, but we are not success full yet. My semen test result is
    VOLUME- 3.0 ml
    SPERM COUNT- 27mill/ml
    MOTILITY- 40%
    What are the chances to conceive?

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  • laila

    i have no one fallipian tube

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