How to Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

on Oct 08, 2012

by Brittany Null

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How to Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Are you breastfeeding but want to get pregnant with your next? It's not impossible. Find out what you need to know about how to get pregnant while breastfeeding.

If you have the desire to have your children close together in age, you might be considering getting pregnant while you are still breastfeeding. Is it even possible? How do you do it? That’s what we are going to talk about today, and try to give you the tips and tricks that you will need to get pregnant while you are breastfeeding. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Breastfeeding is natural birth control

The problem with this is that it is actually really hard to get pregnant while breastfeeding. Kind of like, almost impossible. Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy around an average of 98-99% of the time. But, that is not to say that it can’t happen. You are definitely less fertile, but not infertile, while you are breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding day and night, it can be over a year or more before you start to get your period again. However, if you are supplementing with formula, or if your baby doesn’t sleep with you and breastfeed during the night, your period usually will return within three to five months.

Breastfeeding halts ovulation

The general consensus is that breastfeeding halts the hormones that trigger ovulation. So, the longer you breastfeed, the longer you are likely to have difficulties getting pregnant. You can start to ovulate around three months after you begin breastfeeding, but since your period doesn’t arrive until two weeks after you ovulate, you won’t know until it is too late!

How to increase your odds

There are a few ways, however to increase your odds of conceiving while breastfeeding, and helping your ovulation return to normal. One of the first things you can try is night weaning, or going at least six hours overnight without nursing. This can help your ovulation to return and your hormones to get back to normal faster. Some other things you can do include supplementing breast milk with formula, starting the baby on cereals, or solids, and trying to limit or space out your daytime nursing as much as possible. Doing these things can sort of “trick” your body into thinking that you are no longer breastfeeding, and can get your regular ovulation cycles back faster.

The bottom line

These are a few things you can try to increase fertility and chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding. Of course, there are no guarantees. Some women have no problems getting pregnant while ovulating, and their ovulation returns fairly quickly. Unfortunately, for some women, their ovulation cycles do not return to normal until they stop breastfeeding completely.

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How to Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Brittany lives in Kansas City, where she and her husband Austin are the proud parents of a newborn baby girl. You can subscribe to their lively and entertaining YouTube Channel to follow along on their journey.

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  • Molly J

    Is the Conceive Easy TTC kit safe to use while breastfeeding? I have 6 children and we don’t want to be much older having children, but really feel we need to have one more to complete our family. Though we’ve tried in the past, we’ve never been able to conceive while I’ve been breastfeeding. I don’t want to skimp on the nursing for our newest baby, but we kinda want to have the final baby ASAP….

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  • Dr. Christine Lee, MD

    Because the ConceiveEasy TTC kit is a 100% drug-free solution for conceiving sooner, it is safe to take it while breastfeeding. In a long-term efficacy and safety study, no common side effects have been reported with this kit.

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  • Jenna

    Telling people to feed their babies formula in order to get pregnant is irresponsible. There are other ways of getting your body ready for fertility (some of which you’ve mentioned) feeding you child formula has NOTHING! To do with it. It will just decrease your supply and make your family susceptible to more supplementation ie. More formula. This is a horrible website. Your friendly neighborhood breastfeeding support

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  • Sophia

    Everyone is different and some need to stop breastfeeding in order to conceive and others conceive without ever having their cycle. If you are experiencing difficulties in conceiving while breastfeeding – be patient your body is nurturing one baby and it may just need a little time to adjust before your body is ready for another pregnancy.

    Keep breastfeeding for as long as you can as the benefits are good for both mum and bub!

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  • Booby Momma

    I was able to get pregnant while breast feeding only after going back to work. With the second I weaned completely, but with the third I didn’t and was able to breastfeed three months into my next pregnancy. With the fourth pregnancy, unfortunately I did miscarry after becoming pregnant while breast feeding and needed to wean, pass the fetus, and then try for another pregnancy. On the fifth pregnancy, everything was successful! I am looking at having another baby, but am not willing to wean my baby girl just yet! We keep trying, hoping to hit that first ovulation, but she is still feeding like crazy!!!! She is 12 months old and I have now breastfed for over four years out of the last 6.5 years and had four, healthy beautiful babies.

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