Getting Pregnant After the Pill

on Sep 29, 2012

by Alyssia Granger

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Getting Pregnant After the Pill

Are you hearing rumors about not getting pregnant after the pill? Find out the truth behind your ability to get pregnant after birth control pills.

So, it’s time to get pregnant! Congratulations! You’ve stopped taking your birth control pill, but now what? What are your chances of getting pregnant right away? How long will you have to wait? Is there anything you should be concerned about? Those are the questions we are going to be answering today, so read on to learn more! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Rumors about infertility

First of all, there is no reason to worry about getting pregnant after being on the pill. There is no evidence or proof out there to show that women who take birth control pills are unable to get pregnant after going off of the pill. So, don’t be stressed out about that. In fact, over 90 percent of women who take the pill become pregnant within a year of going off of it. For me personally, it took a year and a half of being off of the pill before I became pregnant with my oldest daughter. Again, totally normal.

How long does it take to get pregnant?

What affects how fast you get pregnant after going off of the pill? Well, obviously, you have to give your body time to return to its normal cycles and for the pill to get completely out of your system. For some women, this just takes longer. That is all there is to it. Our bodies are all different, and some of them bounce right back and start back in their old cycles right away, while other bodies take more time to adjust. The average time it takes for a woman’s fertility to return to normal is around three months. Some women, though, bounce right back and can get pregnant within a few weeks of going off of the pill. Others may take up to a year or more. These numbers are all normal, and don’t mean that anything is wrong with you!

Wait for normal cycles to resume

It is a good idea to allow your body to go through one or two menstrual cycles before trying to get pregnant, just so you can get back to “normal”. Eating right, exercising, taking a prenatal vitamin, and avoiding smoking and alcohol can all boost your chances of getting pregnant faster, since these things help to get your body ready for pregnancy. That being said, if you have been off of the pill for 2-3 months and have not resumed your normal menstrual periods, it might be time to talk with your doctor just to make sure that everything is okay.

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Getting Pregnant After the Pill, 3.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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Alyssia is mom to 2 giggley twin girls, Sophia and Emma, and son Hunter. She's a Southern girl, passionate about photography, travel and her husband Josh.

  • JereeB123

    Im 5 minths pregnant. And had no idea. Supposibly i switched my ivulation and period around. After starting the pill and getting off so soon. My last oeriod was nov 26th 2015 !! Im 22 weeks 5 days prego n had no clue. Trying to figure out when i concieve it had to been around the 7th or. 9th. This is stressful knowing i was this far and they can only judge by the babys measurment when my due date is

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  • Juli Ann

    I just started birth control and metformin last month to regulate myself and help with my pcos since me and my fiance are trying to have a child. We really want to start trying. I am on my second pack of birth control and I’m wondering if I take myself off birth control but continue the metformin if my chances of getting pregnant are going to be higher during the first month of trying to conceive.

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  • Carmella Saldana

    hello I have been on birth control for about two and a half months now i have not been taking it on time on a daily basis and I have stopped taking it about 7 day’s ago but for the past week and a half I have had morning sickness I took a pregnancy test but came out negative had sex last night is it possible I’m already pregnant last period was on 7/28/16 lasted only three days? ???

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  • Ashlyn Johnson

    Hi there, I went off the pill about a year ago & my period was regular every month til about 3 months ago, I havent got it & I have done tests but not pregnant. This has happened to me many years ago which prolonged me falling pregnant, after 2 years I eventually fell pregnant because my Estrogen was low. Can I still fall pregnant even tho I haven’t got period in 3 months?

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  • Lauren

    I’m 20 was on the 90 day pill for a 14months. It’s been a month since I went off the pill, I still haven’t started my period. When should I start?

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  • Elisa N Sebastian

    I have a question I had sex on the 23rd of sep. I had my period on 24th of sep a regular heavy period like always seven days. Then I had sex the day after my period 30th thru 7th of oct I had a preg test on 14 of oct came negative n got xray missed oct period n found out was pergnant. On nov 29 doc said about 10 weeks going by lmc but ultersound said 9 weeks due date is around june 27th. My question is when did I conceived before period or after

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  • B???ò? P??rý Qùeency

    Hi I have a peak positive clear blue test on the 14th I Hv sex on 8th,9th, and I also have sex on the 14th the day of my positive test and 15th…do I have chances of getting pregnant

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