Do Midwives Lead to Better Birth Outcomes?

on Oct 27, 2013

by Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

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Do Midwives Lead to Better Birth Outcomes?

Women who have prenatal care with midwives as opposed to ob/gyns have been shown to have better birth outcomes and a happier birth experience.

Surprising News

Using a midwife instead of a traditional doctor during pregnancy has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and now, there is scientific evidence to back up the decision to use a midwife. The study was conducted by researchers from King’s College London, Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Warwick and National University of Ireland. In the study, researchers examined more than 13 clinical studies and trials of pregnant women. The studies included more than 16,000 women in all. The results? It seems like women who choose a small team of midwives to help provide their prenatal care and help them through labor and delivery had a smaller chance of losing their babies before 24 weeks. That is a big development in the pregnancy world, and shows women just how beneficial midwives can be. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Happier Moms

The study also showed that moms who used midwives instead of traditional doctors were happier with their pregnancy, labor and birth experience. Moms who chose midwives were also less likely to deliver prematurely, and less likely to need an epidural or episiotomy during labor. Women who received care from a midwife were also less likely to need a c-section during birth. There was only one marked disadvantage to having a midwife instead of a traditional doctor. Women who birthed using a midwife were in labor an average of thirty minutes longer than other women. It may not sound like much, but in the throes of labor, thirty minutes is a long time! However, as a whole, the women who delivered via a midwife were much more satisfied with their birthing experience than other women.

It’s Your Choice

Lead researcher Jane Sandall urged women to ask for the option of having a midwife, as many women don’t even know that the option is available. Of course, women with high risk pregnancies or pregnancy complications should have access to a specialist at all times during pregnancy, and midwife care may not be right for every woman. But, the important thing is that women should feel empowered enough to ask for a midwife, and to consider it an option.

The Bottom Line

The vast majority of women who deliver through a midwife as opposed to a doctor say that the experience is completely and totally different, and they feel much more fulfilled after their midwife assisted birth. It definitely is an option that more women are considering these days, too. In 2009, the percentage of babies delivered by a midwife was at a record high of 8 percent!

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Do Midwives Lead to Better Birth Outcomes?, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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